Challenge of the SuperFriends

Season 1 Episode 7

The Giants of Doom

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 21, 1978 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After the SuperFriends return to the Hall of Justice from Saturn, Superman's cape has a red "S" inside a yellow shield (it should be entirely yellow) when they're viewing the giant Legion members on the viewscreen.

    • When Batman's utility belt defrosts the SuperFriends from their icy stasis on Saturn, the green pants portion of Hawkman's outfit is missing.

    • When the Legion of Doom members start to grow they're standing inside the Hall of Justice. When we see them growing in the next shot, they appear to have been standing behind it.

    • Green Lantern is in charge of carrying any teammates who can't fly or survive in space when they go to different planets like in "World's Deadliest Game." Is there some reason why he didn't just do that and start flying home when they escaped the ice on Saturn? Did they think they'd find the secret to beating the Giants of Doom there or something?

    • When giant Superman defeats giant Bizarro, the villain is pushed behind the pillars of the Lincoln Memorial to imprison him. Bizarro would be more than strong enough to smash stone columns at normal size, though, let alone after growing to a hundred feet tall.

    • Why did Captain Cold freeze the Parthenon before Toyman started digging for the element for Bizarro's growth ray? It didn't really seem to accomplish anything, and frozen ground is a lot harder to dig through.

    • Giant Green Lantern traps giant Sinestro in a large green bottle conjured up by his ring. But since Sinestro still has his, and his yellow energy always trumps Green Lantern's, why does he just sit there and accept defeat?

    • Just after Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern are enlarged, Flash says they can now put an end to the Legion of Doom's plans for conquest. But just as they split up upon departing the Hall of Justice before the next scene, Robin--not Flash--is seen as one of the giant SuperFriends.

    • When the Flash stands next to the frozen and defeated Captain Cold, a significant portion of his left glove seems to be missing, leaving his fingers bare.

    • When four of the Superfriends are hit by the duplicate growth ray to battle the giant Legion of Doom members, Batman's insignia logo is briefly reversed--that is, a gold bat inside a black oval, instead of the familiar black bat inside a gold oval.

    • When the Superfriends are attacked by Saturn's gas creatures, a closeup of Superman has his cape as blue instead of red.

    • When Toyman launches the frozen Superfriends to Saturn, only ten of them seem to be encased in the ice. From that moment until the point where they eventually escaped, Aquaman is nowhere to be found.

    • When the Superfriends are frozen in the block of ice, notice Hawkman's and Wonder Woman's costumes. His arms and chest are mostly uncovered. Her shoulders, arms, and legs are all uncovered. It's amazing that they don't get frostbite. (editor's note: well, they can both survive in outer space, which is appreciably colder. Although Wonder Woman sometimes needs a little breathing bubble-helmet.)

    • Why does the Flash have to wait until they are under attack to figure out how to use his superspeed to get them off of Saturn?

    • How are the SuperFriends breathing on Saturn? We've seen in other episodes that at least Wonder Woman needs a helmet to breathe in space. Later, everyone is floating in space breathing and talking. The narrator claims Green Lantern is generating a protective field but there's no evidence of any kind of green glow, particularly as they're returning to Earth and only he is seen in the green energy field.

    • Actually, the core of Saturn is 12,000 degrees, not "icy cold." Toyman should have said the surface of Saturn, which indeed is ice cold.

    • When the Legion launch their attack on the Hall of Justice, the backshot of Samurai has him with brown hair.

    • We get the standard swamp-shot but then they cut to a clearly underwater deep-ocean shot of the Legion.

  • Quotes

    • Fleeing Egyptians: Hurry! Take shelter!
      Captain Cold: Run, fools! And tell your leaders that Captain Cold and the Legion of Doom are now in control of the entire African continent. And if you don't like it, I'll turn the whole place into the East Pole!

  • Notes

    • This episode along with "Trial Of The SuperFriends", "Monolith Of Evil" and "Secret Origins Of The SuperFriends" was released on DVD as Challenge Of The SuperFriends: United They Stand.

    • Although all of the SuperFriends appear in this episode, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and Samurai have no dialogue.

    • The Moonbase astronauts have a chest symbol that looks suspiciously like the original Star Trek chest insignia.

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