Challenge of the SuperFriends

ABC (ended 1979)





  • Season 1 Episode 14: Doomsday

  • When Apache Chief causes the volcano to erupt, one shot of Solomon Grundy shows his outfit colored blue (except his sleeves) when he's holding on to a pillar.

  • When Superman contacts Green Lantern and Black Vulcan after he picks up Flash's high-vibration signal, the closeup of Black Vulcan has his costume as sleeveless before it switches back to his having sleeves in the next shot.

  • The Legion Of Doom is captured at the end by being put in a giant egg carton. Since said item would only hold twelve seperate eggs,and there are thirteen members of the Legion, someone is missing. The missing villian was Brainiac. The animators somehow forgot him.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Fairy Tale of Doom

  • When Toyman escapes from the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea story, he says the title as "20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea".

  • Why were there three simultaneous emergencies if the Legion of Doom had only one device to use to trap the SuperFriends? It should have been three separate emergencies (i.e.: one after the other after the other) in order to pass the device between them and trap each SuperFriend one at a time, like what was done in "The Time Trap".

  • In addition to the above-mentioned costume goofs, also notice that just before Green Lantern uses his power ring against Luthor and Brainiac after getting free of the pit, his boots are white instead of green.

  • Green Lantern encases Giganta in a bottle. After he freed Wonder Woman and are about to leave the Alice in Wonderland story, somehow all three of them are inside the bottle. Was that really necessary? The heroes likely would have escaped just as easily if they stayed close to the bottle from the outside.

  • The SuperFriends' costumes seem to change at various times thoughout the episode: First, Black Vulcan seems to have the full costume that he orignally wore in The All-New SuperFriends Hour when he's observing what happened to the other SuperFriends on the Hall of Justice monitor. The full costume is also seen when he's chained up with Batman, Robin, and Green Lantern. Second, after Hawkman escapes from the giant and then escapes the Jack and the Beanstalk story with Black Vulcan, the green portion of his costume disappears, revealing his legs the moment he lands on the ground. Third, when Batman has his hand on a restrained Sinestro after escaping with Superman, the fingers of his glove are gray instead of blue. And fourth, why is Robin wearing his watch on top of his glove? It should be really underneath it.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: The Final Challenge

  • Luthor usually wears green gloves, but notice when he's on the BatRocket's viewscreen, one of them is missing when he has his hand up to his chin.

  • Just after the Legion of Doom members are dropped into the acid pool, Black Manta's helmet is dark-colored before it becomes its usual light shade of blue.

  • Wonder Woman and Cheetah both climb the volcano in order to cap it. Cheetah makes it to the top and Wonder Woman slightly below her as she's able to cap it with her magic lasso. Notice when Vartu returns them to their respective teams, Cheetah was still on top of the volcano, but Wonder Woman seemed to be all the way at the bottom, well below her previous position.

  • When Vartu uses his powers to return the SuperFriends and Legion of Doom to their own universe, Flash and Black Vulcan could be seen among the group, but they were left behind at the Hall of Justice, and not really featured in this episode.

  • Robin's insignia is also missing in a closeup with Samurai after he was saved by the alien elf in the geometric universe.

  • Batman's chest logo disappears on two separate occasions. First, after he falls into the pit during the maze challenge, and in a closeup with Superman as they confer to help the Legion of Doom members after their defeat.

  • When Green Lantern and Hawkman reunite with Samurai and Robin onboard the BatRocket to resume the search for their missing comrades after the Legion of Doom members made off with the only means to track them from the geometric universe, Hawkman at the BatRocket's monitor is able to trace their path so they can follow. But notice as he speaks, it's with Samurai's voice and accent!

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Conquerors of the Future

  • It's doubtful the fake air-filled Hall of Doom would have made it into space. No matter what size, a balloon will puncture if it gets too high into the atmosphere.

  • When Sinestro appears in front of Green Lantern in the subway tunnel, he comes in with a green glow instead of yellow. Also notice when he uses his power ring to produce the large spring that prevents the train collision, the energy discharge from the ring is also green just before the next shot shows the yellow energy that forms the spring.

  • Hal Jordan is obliged to teleport himself out of the subway car to conceal his transformation to Green Lantern. But it seems as if teleporting out in a green glow is just as obvious as if he had just transformed in the first place.

  • When Luthor transmits to the Hall of Justice that they will rescue the planet, when we see the Legion's viewscreen it shows us the SuperFriends seeing and hearing Luthor from the rear, facing the Monitor Screen. In other words, the Legion are tapping into a camera the Justice League has set up to show them from the rear. Who would want a camera that shows your backside?

  • When the Riddler transmitted his first riddle, his face was on the underside of the mock Legion of Doom ship. When the SuperFriends play the recording back, his face is projected in front of it.

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