Challenge of the SuperFriends

ABC (ended 1979)





  • Season 1 Episode 4: The Time Trap

  • The Legion of Doom and then the SuperFriends return to Sutter's Mill only one day before gold was discovered there. But it's doubtful the area would be deserted at that time. The time setting should have been at least several months prior to anyone settling there.

  • Batman and Robin were without their utility belts when they were forced to face the lions in the Roman Coliseum. But when Superman came to their rescue, the belts were somehow back in their possession with no indication of how they returned.

  • Green Lantern suddenly sprouts an extra arm just before he conjures up his own set of jousting equipment for his duel against Sinestro in the past

  • The dinosaur Aquaman and Apache Chief walk on appears to be a herbivore brontosaur/apatosaurus type, except for its huge fangs.

  • Sinestro and Captain Cold dump the stolen treasure in a flat field, but when it comes time to freeze and slide it away, the landscape conveniently becomes a sloped hill.

  • When the Superfriends receive the first Trouble Alert at the Hall of Justice, Batman, facing the monitor has his trademark logo (normally seen on his chest) on the upper center portion of his cape, which normally has no design other than the batwing pattern on the bottom portion.

  • Another nitpick is the scene where Green Lantern uses his power ring to transport some of the Superfriends to Sutter's Mill. Allegedly, it's supposed to be the same six who were previously trapped in time by the Legion of Doom, but somehow Wonder Woman takes Apache Chief's place when GL uses his ring. Yet it's he--not she-- who appears with the others when they battle the Legion of Doom members at Sutter's Mill.

  • How did the Legion know Green Lantern would run out of power so that he would be trapped? If he'd had a full charge their plot would have failed immediately. The same if Superman had fallen for their trap - both him and GL can travel easily through time.

  • Why doesn't Green Lantern charge up his ring before going on a mission? Conveniently, he runs out of power just as he is get stuck in the past and can't use it to time travel back to the present.

  • Why does Green Lantern go head-to-head against Sinestro when his power ring doesn't work on the color yellow? Sure enough, he needs Samurai to rescue him.

  • Giganta throws a big pile of logs a considerable distance without growing - in the next shot when Green Lantern imprisons her and Black Manta she is clearly normal-sized.

  • You can't carbon date rock.

  • When the remaining 20th century Superfriends go to visit the scientist with Aquaman's communicator, you can clearly see Batman even though he's trapped in Rome at the time.

  • In the cell in Arthurian times, Green Lantern's costume is colored wrong - his neck collar is black instead of green.

  • When Grundy raids the bank, he has previously-unseen fangs.

  • For some reason the sky in medieval times is yellow.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: The World's Deadliest Game

  • When Wonder Woman wishes the astronauts a pleasant journey, her tiara is inverted (red with a gold star).

  • Just after the three SuperFriends notice Earth has vanished, one shot of Hawkman has his wings missing, another has Black Vulcan in his original costume from The All-New SuperFriends Hour (briefly seen again in the final scene), and yet another shows Hawkman's legs without the green pants of his costume with Wonder Woman's tiara inverted again.

  • Green Lantern isn't seen with the other SuperFriends in the final scene.

  • Robin's "R" insignia is inverted (black R inside a yellow circle) when he's unable to figure out the Riddler's last riddle.

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