Challenge of the SuperFriends

ABC (ended 1979)





  • Season 1 Episode 3: The World's Deadliest Game

  • As Batman figures out the Riddler's second riddle, the neck portion of his cowl is missing before it reappears.

  • In the scene where Black Manta is opening the dam's floodgates, he's speaking with Grodd's voice.

  • When the remaining SuperFriends leave the Hall of Justice departing for the Grand Canyon, the following are seen flying like Superman (who's not seen); Batman (without the Batjet), Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan (both missing in space), and Flash, followed by the Batjet.

  • When Wonder Woman is first seen in the giant pinball, the stars of her blue shorts are missing. Then when she's launched, Black Vulcan is speaking with Hawkman's voice when he says "We've got to get out of its path", then when he says "We've got to get Wonder Woman out of there".

  • The Superfriends forget to have the Flash "speed up the atomic motion" of all of Empress Zana's other prisoners and just leave them behind to a long, petrified death/imprisonment.

  • So the Toyman, basically a Batman villain with delusions of grandeur who goes after Superman, built himself some giant-sized toys on an artificial planet trillions of miles away at the center of a black hole. Right...

  • Green Lantern mysteriously appears during the cave-in at the Grand Canyon, even though he wasn't seen going there with the rest of the team. A minute or so later Samurai shows up.

  • The Super Friends search Orion's Belt for "hours" for their missing friends and (one would hope) any signs of life, but absolutely fail to spot Empress Zana until she presents herself to them.

  • Hawkman says the dollhouse "must be three hundred feet tall!" It looks more like about 40', tops. Then in the next shot it's appreciably larger, but still not 300'.

  • When the Superfriends escape the black hole just as it closes, in the subsequent outer space shot Black Vulcan, Hawkman, and Wonder Woman are missing (since they used a shot from earlier in the episode when they weren't with the group).

  • Wonder Woman is wearing her helmet when they arrive on the black hole planet in the pinball game, then isn't wearing it when they're chased by the giant robot baby, then she's wearing it again when the other SuperFriends arrive.

  • Hawkman can apparently breathe without a helmet in space, but Wonder Woman needs a helmet - this seems kind of odd.

  • The writers can't seem to decide whether Black Vulcan has lightning power, or light powers. Here he actually says he can turn into light. In this episode he flies "light years" in much less time then years, so presumably he can go faster than light.

  • Hawkman has an anti-gravity belt and wings - by definition he should be able to avoid a black hole's gravity.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Invasion of the Fearians

  • The plot of this episode is way off base as in order to make Earth more like Venus, the surface temperature would have to be significantly hotter (at least 800 degrees) and the air extremely toxic to breathe.

  • After Flash sends Captain Cold packing, Superman says, "Now that Flash has defrosted the frozen cities..." but there's still ice on the buildings in the city he's looking at.

  • Sinestro's power ring looks very different when he uses it to create the dinosaur creature. It looks blue with a yellow jewel encrusted onto it.

  • As Hawkman approaches the Golden Gate Bridge, his legs are bare as the green pants portion of his costume are missing.

  • Although Aquaman fought Black Manta in the Pacific Ocean and ended up creating tidal waves that flooded the coastlines, one of the shots shows the New York City skyline underwater.

  • It seems kinda unlikely that Captain Cold, of all people, is the one to contact the alien Fearians from the steaming hot planet of Venus. Okay, maybe if the Scarecrow made contact it'd be more unlikely, but not much more.

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