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  • Season 3
    • Garage Conversion (Part 2)
      Tommy and Alan add the finishing touches to the garage conversion, including lighting, insulation and sound proofing.
    • Garage Conversion (Part 1)
      The owner calls on Tommy and Alan's expertise to convert her double garage into a useable living space. Removing the Garage door is their first task.
    • The Windmill (Part 3)
      The floor is completed however, the unusual shape of the roof cap means that each timber must be individually cut.
    • The Windmill (Part 2)
      The new staircase and floor for the windmill room is proving troublesome for Tommy, particularly as all the wood has to be individually cut to size.
    • The Windmill (Part 1)
      In Lincolnshire, Tommy and Alan attempt to convert the spherical cap at the top of a windmill into a useable room.
    • The Pub Cellar (Part 2)
      Tommy and Alan fit the dining room patio doors under the arch, which brings about an amazing transformation as work on the pub cellar continues.
    • The Pub Cellar (Part 1)
      Rosemary and Fraser McDonald enlist the help of Tommy Walsh and Alan Herd to turn an ex-pub in Wiltshire into a comfortable family home.
      The challenge for Tommy is to remove a massive steel joist which is no longer required and to build a new patio door out to the garden area.moreless
    • The Bungalow (Part 3)
      With the stairs in place the old doorway comes out and the new porch is completed with a brand new roof, front door and side-lights.
    • The Bungalow (Part 2)
      It's time for Tommy and Alan to install the staircase and to fit the handrails and spindles.
    • The Bungalow (Part 1)
      Tommy and Alan are challenged to convert a Reading Bungalow in to a two-story home.
    • Gaudi Garden (Part 2)
      Work in the garden continues and Tommy and Alan bring some of the Barcelona weather to Derby with an ingenious underfloor heating system fitted below the patio.
    • Gaudi Garden (Part 1)
      The homeowners have challenged Tommy to give them a garden based upon the Barcelona designer Gaudi.
    • The Glass Room (Part 3)
      Time is running out but Tommy and Alan still have a lot to do including the fitting of a spiral staircase, reclaimed from elsewhere in the house.
    • The Glass Room (Part 2)
      A new structure has emerged on the stilts of Emma and John's house for the new room. Tommy now needs to keep the style consistent with matching windows.
    • The Glass Room (Part 1)
      A couple who are expecting their first baby, want a glass room built in the cellar area of their house. Emma and John's unique house built on stilts is lacking space. Tommy and Alan plan to create a glass-fronted room for them between the stilts.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1