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Chanakya : Episode 43

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Chandragupt cannot digest the fact that his muh respected Acharya Vishnugupt didn't feel the need to consult him before he fixed his marriage with Dhananand's daughter Dharini. There is a heated argument taking place between Chandragupt and Vishnugupt. Chandragupt starts neglecting what his Acharya told him. He expresses his desire to leave the palace and go back to his family in a small hut. Sharangrav is trying to explain Chandragupt that he needs to think about the country but not be emotional and not to leave his path. There was an attack on Prince Chandragupt. Someone tried to kill him by igniting his room. But fortunately he was unharmed. With this attack, friends of Pauravraj are getting scared and wants to leave for their kingdoms but Pauravraj tries to convince them to stay back.moreless
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