Chance in a Million

Channel 4 (ended 1986)



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Chance in a Million

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Tom Chance is a very likeable bloke to whom bizarre things, which are a-million-to-one-chance for most people, happen to Tom Chance as a matter of course.
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  • Funniest TV comedy series ever!

    A superbly contrived plot where Tom Chance, a hearty, lager swilling, cricket loving Englishman who is plagued by incredible coincidences, meets frustrated spinster Alison Little, whose dull life at the library, and unusual parents keep her from having a proper love life. They fall in love and Alison sticks by Tom through all the disasters that befall him. These include mistakenly having Boy Scouts move several thousand bricks into his house, accidentally killing pet hamsters in strange ways, and being continuously mistaken for other people, usually criminals or the lovers of other characters. Add Bill Pertwee as the sympathetic local police sergeant who instructs his men never to arrest Tom, no matter how damning the evidence seems to be, Alison's effete, neurotic, crochet and knitwear making father, tearful mother and some recurring characters who crop up by coincidence in various episodes and you have an unusual, uniquely clever and amusing sitcom.

    The series follows Tom and Alison's romance from their accidental meeting as they wait for two different people named Tom and Alison on a blind date, through their engagement and wedding plans.

    There is so much laugh out loud humour in this series and it's all done with no strong language, just mild sexual innuendo due to Alison's obvious desire to get Tom into bed and his gentlemanly nature making him totally oblivious to this.

    The format is quite similar to the later "One Foot in the Grave" where everything goes awry around the leading character, through no fault of their own. The difference in this case is that Tom's bad luck is usually balanced out by good luck, which seems to preclude him from having to work for a living as providence seems to favour him in the end.

    Much better than many similar series on DVD and well worth watching as the humour is Timeless!

    There were three series of six programmes each. All three series can now be found on one DVD. An example is Amazon at 9.99 (2014)moreless
  • A brilliant series, well under-rated. Wish I could get it on DVD.

    Its a pity that all we see are the same repeats of well known comedy programmes when Chance in a Million does not get any air play. I wish somone could see that this series is well worth watching again.

    Brenda Blethyn and Simon Callow were well cast as the main characters in this series. Their escapades were beyond belief, but the ridiculous made it good comedy. Even the other characters added to the comedy. Particulary the Brenda Blethyns suffering parents.

    Tom Chance will also be remembered by the drinks of lager which went down in one gulp.

    I only wished I had taped the series when it was on in the 80s. At least then I could of created my own DVDs.moreless