Chance Pop Session

(ended 2001)




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Chance Pop Session

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Chance: Pop Session is an anime television series from Japan that originally aired from May to August of 2001 and there are 13 episodes in total. This series tells the story of three girls who are actually sisters that were separated from each other and from their mother at birth. They meet while attending a concert that features a popular music idol named Reika (voiced by Mariko Kouda), and even though they do not know each other well, they decide to attend a music school in the hopes that they will one day be pop stars, too. Akari (voiced by Mayumi Iizuka), Yuki (voiced by Atsuko Enomoto) and Nozomi (voiced by Maria Yamamoto) find a manager named Akiba Kisaragi (voiced by Mariko Kouda) who promises to make all of their dreams come true, and with his support, the girls are accepted to the "S Class" at their music school. The show is recorded in Japanese with English dubbing.

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Animation, Drama


Teen, buddies and gal pals, fresh faced teens, siblings, music and dancing