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Chance! Pop Sessions

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Chance! Pop Sessions is a Japanese animation series that follows the lives of three teenage girls as they try to become pop-stars. It's the year 2000, and Reika (Shelley Calene-Black) is the most popular teen idol on the planet. Fans Akari (Kelli Cousins), Yuki (Hilary Haag), and Nozomi (Hilary Haag) go to her concert and decide at that moment that they want to become just like her. They enroll in the nation's best music school run by Reika's manager (John Tyson), who places the girls in a special class. Akari and Nozomi become close friends at the school and start a rivalry with a classmate named Jun (Tiffany Grant). Yuki joins a band after someone steals her tuition money. After becoming an online sensation, Reika's manager offers Yuki a scholarship, which doesn't please Jun. The three girls become popular musicians throughout the season, and a jealous Jun wants to see them kicked out of the program. After a strange woman (Christine M. Auten) visits the school, the three girls discover that they may be related to each other.