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  • When Oz soaps go mad!

    What started out as your run-of-the-mill 'family wins lotto and life's turned upside down' night time soap somehow mutated into a tale of vampires, gay hunched back manservants and sex starved 20somethings. All set around an advertising agency and a yacht club... there was more T&A then you could poke a remote at, watch back DVDs of this '90s drama gone beserk and you still acn't figure out what the writers were on! See The Panel's Kate Langbroek topless, watch Jeremy Sims unveiled as an angel and see The Castle's Michael Caton as a mioddle aged sex god...
  • Truly awful

    I like my camp trash as much as the next soapaholic but there wasn't a single redeeming feature of Chances that I can identify.

    The cast was largely weak with one or two exceptions and none of them were particuarly attractive enough to warrant the gratuitous nudity. As far as the storylines were concerned, they were not only bizarre but also disturbing. For example Jeremy Sims' mute nymphomaniac teenage bride, vampires and Nazi organisations (in suburban Melbourne? Really?) may look funny on paper but are horrendous in execution. I'd like to say it adds up to a fun show but it was just a convoluted mess. Don't waste your money on the DVDs, even for curiosity value.
  • This soap was a joke at it's peek and from there quickly deteriated

    What could have been an interesting concept, following the fortunes of a family that wins the lottery, quickly decended into a flesh feast and farce of story lines in a desperate attempt to win ratings. If it's T&A your after then this has it in spades, I don't think there was an actor or actress on the show that didn't have to strip naked at one time or another. The various sketch comedy shows of the time tried to send it up but they couldn't do worse then the show did to itself.

    The biggest question is how did it last so many episodes. Oh and the only reason it gets a 1 rating is because it woun't let me give a lower score.