Changing Rooms

BBC (ended 2004)


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  • Season 14
    • Hither Green
      Hither Green
      Episode 20
    • Plymouth
      Episode 19
    • Hammersmith
      Episode 18
    • Penarth
      Episode 17
    • Cricket in Surrey
      Cricket in Surrey
      Episode 16
    • Basingston
      Episode 15
    • Bournemouth
      Episode 14
    • Shropshire
      Episode 13
    • Ilkeston
      Episode 12
    • Torquay
      Episode 11
    • Tolworth
      Episode 10
      Sanya has a living room that is used for many social and family gatherings, but it doesn't seem to do much else. Paula and Divian, Sanya's brother, need their living room looked at by a professional. Linda Barker is in Sanya's living room. She paints the walls in a burnt orange then adds a glaze over that. They trace henna designs from a projector onto the wall in brown. The fireplace's bricks are taken out and then the area is covered with a cupboard. The carpet is taken out and the existing floorboards are stained. They place two rugs over that. The existing lighting is changed to reflect the style of the room and art work is created from fabric banners that have been stenciled on the wall. Anna Ryder Richardson is in the living room and she has a plan, as she always does. She starts by painting the walls completely white. Then adds a large horizontal band across the room in turquoise and a smaller one above that in pink. This entire room is going modern, so this is just the beginning. The table is created from an existing table with various color squares all over it. They take inspiration from Andy Warhol and create art with photos in different shades and putting them on canvis. Another art piece is created out of silver christmas ornaments glued onto an acrylic sheet. The chandelier is made from spray painted ping pong balls and fishing wire. This is quite a piece of work.moreless
    • Mottingham
      Episode 9
      Chris and Sue's dining room is very bland, with nothing exciting to offer. Carol and Martin's room is just a disaster. They tried to decorate but it didn't quite make it. Linda Barker is in Chris and Sue's dining room and covers the existing wallpaper in a primer, then it's painted a shade of brown. Then touches of bamboo wallpaper are added for texture. Instead of the usual window treatment, they create three panels that will slide on a track in order to slide over the window. A new table top is made out of reclaimed oak floorboards, and the chairs are covered in red Chinese silk. Graham Wynne is in the bedroom. The walls get painted in two colors -- tan and a chocolate brown. Makeover the existing bed into a four poster bed by using bamboo. It is then covered in gold raw silk and white linens. The existing wardrobes are also madeover by getting a new coat of cream paint. The panels are cut out then bamboo sheets are used to replace that. The lighting is changed and new wall lamps are created with bamboo mats.moreless
    • Chinnor
      Episode 8
      Lynne's bedroom has multiple patterns and they don't even come close to matching. Sue and Jack have a very well designed but modern living room. However, they think it is boring. Laura McCree is in Lynne's bedroom. They paint the walls a soft lilac. They wrap MDF in turquoise fabric and then fix them to the wall. The bed is recreated by taking off the head and foot boards. Artwork is created out of MDF and handpainted design. The bed is dressed with a velvet throw and new cushions. The headboard is made of acrylic then decorated with silver leafing, then painted. Graham Wynne is in Sue and Jack's living room. The walls do not get entirely painted, instead, large blocks of color are added. Light boxes are put in on the orange square on the wall. New coffee tables are made out of MDF and veneer, and they are made to save space also, where one fits under the other. A sliding screen covered in random primary colors is put up to divide rooms.moreless
    • Warrington
      Episode 7
      Sharon and Ben have a sitting room that is small, cramped, and cluttered. Carol and Keith's home office seems a bit confused in what it wants to be. Linda Barker is in Sharon and Ben's room. They paint the walls a light bright yellow and the trim in cream. Artwork is created with blown-up black & white photocopies from a botanical book and then they are colored in with watercolor paints. The existing table and chairs are painted in cream. The radiator is covered, and a new bench coffee tble is made. A mirror is hung to help with light and space. Oliver Heath is in the office. They paint the wall white, then a light gray. The trim is also painted in the same color. The floorboards is painted a lighter shade of gray. A new, very large, table is created that will be the table for computer work and play. It is created with scaffolding planks, then painted in the light gray. Other random pieces of furniture are added and sprayed the same color to match. A map is added to the room for color, art, and fun.moreless
    • Chessington
      Episode 6
      Mitchell and Vicky's living room is stuck in a different decade. Jane and Ed's living room just can't quite get it together. Gordon Whistance is in Mitchell and Vicky's living room and he starts with a suede-effect of paint on the walls. They dye the existing couch and add different fabrics and colors for throws. For storage, floating shelves are hung, a toy chest/coffee table is made from veneered MDF and stained dark, and a long bench seat with storage inside is built. A large mirror is placed opposite the window to reflect light and create a larger feeling space. An art feature is created on the wall by painting multi-colored squares. Anna Ryder Richardson is in Jane and Ed's living room. She paints the walls in white but then paints a paint of orange around one corner. They rip out the carpet and replace it with cork. New storage is created and a new mirror is made. A new dining table is created with chrome legs, MDF and a piece of an acrylic. The curtains are made from white velvet and orange organza.moreless
    • Buxton
      Episode 5
      John and Rachel's kitchen is dark and dismal. They want this room to have more life. Tony and Judith bedroom is bland. However, they have a really non-bland bed. Gordon Whistance is in John and Rachel's kitchen. He paints the walls above the chair rail a pale blue, then uses a whitewash over that with a dry brush. They use an MDF tongue and groove paneling along the bottom of the walls. Then they paint the concrete floor they found under the carpet with black and terracotta in a tile effect. They create more work space by adding an island. Lighting is added via baby jars and tea lights. The dining table is overhauled with a new scaffold plank top. Laura McCree has quite a task on her hands in Tony and Judith's bedroom. However, you can look at is a blank slate, and she treats it just like that. She covers the wall in black and the trim in taupe. On one wall, they hand paint a cherry blossom tree using gold paint. They continue the oriental look with the headboard and ceiling board. Red and green banners hang from the ceiling board. A new window bench is created in the same style as the headboard. New window treatements are made from natual linen, and floor lamps are revamped.moreless
    • Shoreham
      Episode 4
      Judy's bedroom is a bit outdated and she's hoping she has the right people to help her. Martin and Jenny's bedroom feels unpersonal and more like a hotel room in the woods. Linda Barker is whipping things together in Judy's bedroom. Think TOILE TOILE TOILE for this room. Toile fabric covers three out of the four walls, cabinet doors, and even makes an appearance on the lamp shades with black and white photos. Judy's bed is transformed by having an MDF cover over the existing frame and then painted all black. Most of the furniture is kept, but painted with a black gloss. Graham Wynne definitely has some ideas for Martin and Jenny's room. He paints all the walls sky blue, then paints varying size vertical strips of colors like fuchsia pink, sugar pink, peppermint green, sunshine yellow, lime green and ocean blue. He does something similar on the floor. Artwork is created using black and white photos and enlarging them and putting them on squares of MDF.moreless
    • Thame
      Episode 3
      Paul and Jo need their living room updated. The room has many different influences as it is now. Helen and Trevor want their dining room designed with their tables and chairs being the focal points. Oliver Heath is in Paul and Jo's living room. They may have wanted "rustic outdoor", but surely they didn't consider that it would be Oliver Heath's interpretation. His version includes painting the walls a soft fern color. Then using a cherry blossom stencil in a couple spots. They transfer nature photos to canvas for art. They reupholster existing furniture to spruce up the room with lots of plants. Laura McCree is off and running in the dining room. She paints to entire room in an off-white paint then uses varied colored materials to stretch from ceiling to floor. She paints the staircase a dark purple and puts small lights on the underside of the stairs. This is very much against what Helen and Trevor asked for. They wanted rustic... and they didn't want their staircase touched. This could be dramatic indeed!moreless
    • Heybridge
      Episode 2
      Jill has a living room in her cottage that looks just like that. Nothing awful about it, but nother great either. Marian has a bedroom in her 1920's house that is in a bit of a state. She knows it needs work, but now she has the right team to help her out. Linda Barker is in Jill's living room and she's changing it up for sure. She uses two colors on the wall, one at the bottom and a lighter one at the top. Then they create different sizes and colors of circles. They repeat the pattern on window treatments using a cream colored material and then dipping a styrofoam cup into paint and using it as a stamp. They added bi-fold doors and touches of nautical trinkets. Gordon Whistance has to take a very pink, yet very boring room and make it better. He does it very well with painting the walls with three shades of cream. He has a very large headboard centerpiece created in art-deco fashion. Added lighting is different than the norm, by taking a cylindrical lampshade and attaching long netting.moreless
    • Conisbrough
      Episode 1
      Julie has a house from the 1900s that she has been trying to renovate for the past three years. One place that has gone un-touched his her bedroom. Sam would also like her bedroom redone. She feels the room is boring and needs energy injected. Anna Ryder Richardson is in Sam's bedroom and has quite a few ideas. In true Anna fashion, the color is pink, pink, and pink. She is frilling the room up with floral patterns, pink shades, new headboard, some very interesting artwork. Over in Julie's bedroom Gordon has his work cut out for him. The walls are bare plaster. He will be creating a cool relaxing bedroom by painting the entire room (including the floor) one solid color. Andy creates a new headboard with mohogany laminate flooring and a ply panel. It looks much nicer than it sounds. They create better storage and add some shelving that aides in design as well as storage.moreless
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