Channel 4's Comedy Gala

Sunday 9:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Apr 05, 2010 Special


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  • I looked forward to this show but as I watched it and heard the language used, I was shocked. I'm no prude, I've heard it all before, but in the name of children? Come on....where has respect for children gone?

    This show was in the name of Great Ormond Street, did anyone accept the jokes? Was I alone in my disgust that they were in the name of beautiful innocent children who hopefully had not heard, ever, some of the ill-advised jokes ever told. I also looked in horror as I thought that my mother may have decided to have tuned into the show thinking she would be uplifted by laughter,but to be faced with the horrible jokes told in the name of laughter. Did the comedians mothers or children tune in to listen? To hear the doggy jokes? Yuksville.