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  • It always made me feel good! The '07-'08 season is sort of a disappointment though.

    It always made me feel good! The '07-'08 season is sort of a disappointment though. The '05 -'06 season was amazing and the'06-'07 season was pretty good as well. The news is informative and fair and balanced. I liked how they used to play music in it, but that was discontinued for some reason...
    My friends and I always talked about it while it was on, and i was disappointed on the days they didn't play it. The 07-08 season has an obnoxious African-American and a white guy named Chris Brown. They also don't seem to have a studio this year either.
  • I would die if they canceled CH1 (Channel One)

    It is the best show ever, although most of the time my teacher doesn't let us watch it just so she can teach 5 minutes longer. I enjoy watching the countdown (10, 9, 8...) and the pop quizes, although I could do without the commercials. Me and my friends guess which color the show is going to be every day, making it even more fun. The Reporters are also good, although I read that they read off of a script. I just wish this show would be daily during the summer. I look foward to seeing CH1 next school year.
  • Very informational

    I think that it was a good idea to have this kind of news in schools. This way, school students get to watch the news at school. I watch this news at my school. I just don't see why they do not show this in elementary schools. I'm really sure that they show this in high schools. I already know that they show this in middle schools because I go to a middle school. I just think it's a good idea to have the ChannelOne news. I answer their Pop Quiz every day when I'm at school. They also show a lot of Cingular commercials.
  • Ick!

    For the two years that I\'ve lived in the south, I had to watch this show EVERY school day morning. It was just really boring. They tried to treat this like an adults show, but at the same time tried to make it fun for teens;in my opinion, they really failed. All the news they talked about was something that I had heard 3 days before and everyone else did too. I got pretty sick of it, and I\'m glad I moved back up North. The announcers were pretty loud and clear when they spoke and were great at what they did...but it was still boring. Their site is pretty cool though.
  • A news show geared toward kids that they made us watch in school

    I remember being in high school in the late 90s and being forced to watch this show. I understand now that it's point was to keep kids abreast of news topics around the world, but I never watched it, and it was a complete waste of time at the start of third period, so I'd just sit and doodle or nap when Channel One was on. I guess it's just funny now that I see how many people got their start on Channel One to go on to have actual careers in the broadcast and entertainment field. I remember watching Anderson Cooper on Channel One, and of course he gained fame during Katrina, because you couldn't turn on the television without seeing him. Then there's Lisa Ling, whom I've seen on random shows here and there, and now I just saw that Maria Menounos was on Channel One, who was the nurse in Fantastic Four and was also on One Tree Hill for a while. Just very interesting to me indeed. So yeah, I thought Channel One sucked when I was in school, and all of the people that were on it have gone on to grow up and haunt us now as adults too. Blech.
  • It's a good program to watch>

    I watched Channel One News throughout my Middle and High School Years. It truly is a great show. Channel one is a newscast geared towards children ages 11 to 18. Channel one is certainly not your average newscast. The show does give teens a chance to know about current events that are affecting the world. It also gives teens a chance to voice their opinions about this that are affecting their lives- school activities, school rules, etc. Sometimes the talk about small issues like-how to mange your time wisely. Other times they report on more serious topics like war. This newscast covers almost everything! Channel one does not deliver your typical boring newscast. They never talk in a monotone voice like most reports do. They deliver almost as if they were talking us in person. Channel one also uses teen lingo and cool music to capture their young audience. It is definitely of the most fun news casting shows out there. With Channel one I was actually willing to watch the news. I did have take off a few points because they often repeat the same stories over again.

  • a news show I watch at school

    I watch this news show at school everyday! It is the coolest and very educational. Plus we get to watch this instead of having class! I love the songs they play when it is coming on and off. I remember once when I was in fifth grade my entire class starting sing one of the songs that was playing on it. I think it was "I Can't Wait".
  • This is a good show! I feel stupid though cuz everyone at my school hates it...

    I love this show! I like hearing the news and the stuff that they report is just right for me. This is my kind of thing to watch. It is in the morning so you can hear your morning news and they do a very good job. It's not bad like not acting but kind of performing... anyway they do a great job of it. I was also happy last year cuz Derrik Shore from last year is from my hometown.
  • Great news show.

    My school is one of the only 12,000 schools in the country that shows Channel One on their television screens every morning. Channel One News is perhaps better than many other national news shows. Although I watch local news more often, this show explains it better and is more understanding for students of all ages.