Season 1 Episode 22

The Trouble With Girls

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 1964 on ABC

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  • Joey Heatherton takes her stockings off in Mark Goddard's car so he will agree to replace them. Mark agrees not to look but....

    Keir Dullea is a naive new student at Channing. Keir's over-protective mother is so shocked that Keir's new roommate (Mark Goddard) has pictures of half naked women on the walls that she goes to the dean (Henry Jones) to complain.

    Joey Heatherton is a smoldering but shallow young student who gets brainy Keir to write her papers for her. Joey skillfully wraps the clueless Keir around her little finger. Keir can't deal with the unruly sexual urges Joey is causing him to have. Mark Goddard, on the other hand, knows just how to handle sex kitten Joey since he's as shallow and experienced as she is. Joey is very upset when she rips her stockings in Mark's car, but Mark agrees to replace them if Joey will take them off and give the stockings to him. Joey agrees if Mark won't look. Mark says of course not, but he takes a good long, lasivious look at Joey's incredible legs when she hikes up her skirt to slowly remove the stockings.

    Keir is consumed with jealousy to the point of mental illness. Keir finally attacks Joey and is taken off to a mental hospital. Joey and Mark feel sort of bad for Keir.