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Season 1 Episode 11

Deep Cover Band

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 02, 2011 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Deep Cover Band
While in Germany to take down a rogue spy, the agents find a very different scenario which requires their expertise.

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  • Disappointing

    I have to agree with the other comments, while the story was okay, everything else was not. It seems like American producers still think Germany is a place where everybody drinks beer in really old-fashioned pubs. There were so many mistakes that the episode wasn't very enjoyable for me. Maybe I'm more patriotic than I thought, but Germany is misrepresented so often in American shows. I mean, they got the German police cars right, so why not the license plates? And how hard can it be to get a decent translator? "The man is murder!"? Seriously, even mediocre online translation software can do better than that. The bar looked like it was deep in Bavaria, especially as they had white-blue flags (which are found in Bavaria, not in Hamburg). During the apprehension scene at the end, the police officers where yelling in English, though they should have talked in German, as they were arresting a German. During the episode, some stuff was in German (although badly translated) with subtitles, so why not in the end as well? And the shots of the city looked nothing like Germany. At least put some effort in... I don't have an in-depth knowledge of cultures of other countries that other episodes where set in, but I bet they weren't researched better.moreless
  • It's amazing how similar downtown Hamburg is to downtown Vancouver and how much Dulles Airport looks like the newest terminal at the Vancouver International Airport!

    OK, I grew up in Vancouver so I guess I have a bit of an advantage there. :) They really tried to make the things like the chase scene look like they were taking place in Germany, but it didn't work.

    That aside, I quite enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see a familiar face in Joel David Moore, who plays the depressed Colin Fisher on my favorite show, Bones. I only started watching the show because Eric Close is in it and I loved his work on Without A Trace and thought it would be interesting to see him again.

    It's not surprising the show was canceled as most spring releases end up with that fate. I'm glad they decide to air all the episodes they made. The stories are fun to watch and I doubt this was ever meant to be a serious show. I'm glad I decided to watch.moreless
  • Following the series since start, I was a bit disappointed by the numerous errors the directors implemented here. Sometimes budget doesn't allow much but if you're telling the story of internationally operating CIA agents, do your research.moreless

    While the story of Deep Cover Band was fresh and entertaining (as always) the setting really was bad.

    The ODS' task this time brings them to a pseudo Germany where everything is just as American as America itself. The episode would have taken the complete season's budget if it had been shot in real Hamburg I guess, nevertheless there could have been some more research put into the post production. Indeed there were "foreign" props used but they were simply the wrong ones.

    This won't be a big issue to the US audience of cause but on an international scale, those "slight differences" might crush the episode's ratings.

    I crunched down all the errors to a list of nine mayor faults considering German culture and Germany itself.

    1. License plates - those were mainly US license plates on the parked cars in "Hamburg". The one on the guys' rental car was from Luxembourg

    2. Germany doesn't have yellow-black construction zone objects, they are plain orange

    3. Bad German language - it's Ratskeller, not Rathskeller (that's the americanization of Ratskeller) and the big "brigde out" sign where "ABHALTEN" (to keep something away from YOU) was written on was ment to say "ANHALTEN" (stop), or maybe it was a typo...

    4. The beer (very important) - in Germany you'd NEVER get a gallon of beer in a carafe, that's just disrespectful. The glasses were not credible either, as the mugs are common rather in the south of Germany, not in the north where Hamburg is located

    5. RB Brewing Co. (company name at the bar of the Rathskeller) - A company with that name wouldn't even get the brewing license in Germany

    6. Bad German language Pt. 2 - just really bad spoken German

    7. Strech limos for criminal superthugs are not really common in Hamburg - an American car like that in Germany is probably as ostentatious as a single poppy in the middle of a football field

    8. English road marking (in yellow) - maybe it's not the best idea to shoot a scene where there are road markings in English and of yellow color (those are white in Germany and of cause in German language)

    9. Customs officials at German airports mainly wear green uniforms - it's ment to be changed to blue in the future, but there were far too many blues in the last customs scene

    On the whole, the episode wasn't that bad after all and I had to laugh a bit more than in the other episodes so far.moreless
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Gerald Plunkett

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