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Episode Discussion: Remote Control 1x07 (spoilers)

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    [1]Jun 11, 2011
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    Please discuss episode Remote Control (Jun 11) in this thread. Enjoy!
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    I have a feeling that this should have been Episode 2, or possibly 3, due to the hazing that Rick Martinez got from The Guys, Deputy Director Adele Ferrer was acting like she and Rick were meeting each other for the first time, and Operative Blanke was still doing permanent floor walker duty, but I liked how the chemistry continues to grow between the regulars and how the ODS decides to work with French Intelligence instead of continuing to be a burr in their "local acquaintance's" side as other shows would normally have their regulars behave (yippee ki yay!).

    On a sad note, judging by my DirecTV future listing guide, it looks like next week's installment will be a repeat broadcast of "Pilot," not a new installment! I guess it's Hiatus Part II until another CBS show tanks like The New Defenders did in March! After all, you can only get away with so many Saturday rebroadcasts before the natives get restless!

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    When Blanke showed up on the bench it was a dead giveaway that it was an earlier episode. According to The Futon Critic the episodes aren't being aired in production order. Remote Control was actually episode 5. Love And Rockets was episode 6 and Two Percent was episode 8. So the storylines are really messed up. It really kills the sub-plots, especially the romantic relationship.

    According to the production numbers, this is the order they should have aired in:

    Episode 1 Pilot

    Episode 2 Eaten By Wolves

    Episode 3 Song of the North

    Episode 4 Mole

    Episode 5 Remote Control

    Episode 6 Love And Rockets

    Episode 7 ?

    Episode 8 Two Percent

    Also listed are titles for the next two episodes:

    Episode ? Core Fortitude

    Episode ? Defending Sophia

    One of them could be episode 7.

    This week's episode wasn't even aired on my local station. They had NCIS instead. I have a feeling that CBS may not air the last episodes of the series. Big Brother will be starting July 7th and may fill the 8pm Saturday slot, although it tends to air on Sundays.

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