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  • If only the ODS could work around the CBS bureaucracy.

    I love the comedy/drama genre, clever writing coupled with believable drama. It has worked well for NCIS and Castle on network TV and a host of summer cable series (Burn Notice and Warehouse 13, for example). I don't think it is necessary to bog every TV character down with such dark skeletons in their closets that is typical of so many drama series on TV! In CHAOS the characters are well-defined and very well cast, each unique in their skills and personalities that complement each other and support the missions. It allows for so many fun and serious story lines. Unfortunately the series has been cancelled with more fanfare than it had in initial advertising. I watch a half dozen primetime CBS shows every season and I didn't even hear of CHAOS until I had already missed the pilot. Despite the lack of advertising and the difficult Friday placement, the show still managed to pull in 5 million viewers each night. I am grateful at least that CBS is willing to air the remaining episodes, although the latest bump to 1:05 AM is disheartening, I won't give up on the ODS!
  • Unless something happened with a few of the main actors contracts, CBS is retarded for canceling after only 3 shows!

    Ok, it's not Burn Notice or White Collar, but it's pretty close IMO. The office politics and shenanigans are sometimes laggy, but the team on missions more than make up for that. I enjoy watching it a lot.

    The show has a following, despite CBS hardly advertising it. IMDB's rating is 8.2 out of 18 votes - a fairly high rating, for the few that know about the show (aired on Fridays?)

    So what on earth made them give up on it so quickly without any advertising? Sloppy management? Will CBS be emulating NBC soon?
  • Here goes another great television show...don't our opinions count? Hello, Is anyone listening to us?

    I have become absolutely frustrated with television and networks. I don't know exactly what scale they are using to decide which show stays and which show goes but it certainly isn't the viewers. I thought we were who you guys were trying to mistake. So now what, another reality show, another talent competition or, wait a minute, let me guess, another crime drama...we have enough of those. This show was great!!! It was funny and exciting and just a great show overall. I actually caught on kind of late and now, what, it's over already? I loved the actors, especially the ODS Team, they played their parts well and interacted smoothly despite the differences each one brought to the table. I agree with 'mom2krb' hopefully another network, one that cares about what the viewers want to see, will pick the series up. If anyone decides to petition or protest this cancellation, I'm game. We need to take control back from the bigwigs who decide what we should have available to watch and if they won't listen, maybe it's time to put the control in the remote control and just turn it off. By that time, who knows what will be airing...maybe a little Newt Gingrich TV??
  • Husband and daughter saw it for the first time tonight and wanted to see more. Very disappointed to see that it is being cancelled. Maybe TNT or USA network will pick it up. hate to see a great cast and interesting story premise to go to waste.

    There are only so many news type programming or reality shows that one person can stand to watch in a "season". This show was a breath of fresh air for the summer. I do enjoy many Fall CBS shows like NCIS and the Good Wife. It was nice to add a comedic show. Is it too late for CBS to change their mind. I am not a blog/forum type person, but it was unexpected to learn that the show was cancelled before it really got a chance to get going.Too bad CBS didn't spend time promoting this show like they already are promoting the Fall Season. will get to from Netflix if CBS releases...and watch the shows in order I hope.
  • Loved it!

    We thoroughly enjoyed the three lonely shows that were aired - great dialogues, enjoyable storyline, all in all very entertaining. I am not sure why it is not currently continuing since it was a refreshing change from all the "reality" shows and re-runs. We felt that the characters were well matched, and the show had great humor. It somehow reminded me of the movie "Burn after reading", which my family also loved. Can't wait for the series to start up again!

    By the way, I am not sure why there need to be at least one hundred words - being more wordy does not make the comment more correct... well, now I am there!
  • Smart, funny, intense...I liked it.

    Yeah, this show's all right and may be around for a season or two. Oddly enough, the story line of the pilot was just strange enough and quirky enough to qualify as the truth. I think I can speak with a certain degree of autority here because I did spend three years in the military and I know a little something about how the military/government employee mind works (or doesn't work depending on your point of view). There isn't a doubt in my mind that there is all kinds of stuff going on behind the scenes in any government and or military operation that never makes the news, and 'Chaos' may be closer to the truth than a lot of people would be comfortable knowing.
  • This is the first pilot I have totally enjoyed in a very long time. Great cast. Great chemistry. Great writing. Great show!

    CBS calls this a "comedy drama" or "dramedy". After watching CHAOS last night, I have to agree. Nothing else fit. This CIA procedural is funny, intense, action-packed, thin on blood and guts and the good guys always win - and where have you seen that lately! The comraderie amongst the show's (hot) four leads is tangible. They seem to truly enjoy eachother's company and the show's premise itself.

    I thought this would be a 2 hour pilot. When the show ended after an hour, I was totally disappointed and wanted more! It's been a very long time since that has happened! The pilot rightfully spent the first half of the show acquainting the viewer with the characters and the back story. It then took off with (great) samples of what this team was capable of delivering -the viewer was not disappointed! You have to see the "human weapon!" I truly hope CBS gives this show a chance. It came out of the chute really strong with only minor tweeking needed, if at all. Give it a try!

    CHAOS has the feel of one of those great shows that becomes a ritual for viewers in the genre of M*A*S*H where you reserve that time and night to watch that show - and nothing else.
  • Great pilot, great series!

    It's not often a pilot doesn't dwell on character introduction. This one develops it's intros within the plot.

    I'd read some mainstream review that didn't look favorably on the pilot or series. I almost didn't give the show a try, but very glad I did. I guess the reviewer didn't get the comedy part, but it's definitely there with some excellent writing and talented acting doing it justice.

    A unique dramedy, hard to classify exactly -- something difficult to achieve with this much wit and originality.