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  • If only the ODS could work around the CBS bureaucracy.

    I love the comedy/drama genre, clever writing coupled with believable drama. It has worked well for NCIS and Castle on network TV and a host of summer cable series (Burn Notice and Warehouse 13, for example). I don't think it is necessary to bog every TV character down with such dark skeletons in their closets that is typical of so many drama series on TV! In CHAOS the characters are well-defined and very well cast, each unique in their skills and personalities that complement each other and support the missions. It allows for so many fun and serious story lines. Unfortunately the series has been cancelled with more fanfare than it had in initial advertising. I watch a half dozen primetime CBS shows every season and I didn't even hear of CHAOS until I had already missed the pilot. Despite the lack of advertising and the difficult Friday placement, the show still managed to pull in 5 million viewers each night. I am grateful at least that CBS is willing to air the remaining episodes, although the latest bump to 1:05 AM is disheartening, I won't give up on the ODS!