Season 1 Episode 8

Everything's In Flux

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 10, 2007 on The CW
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Everything's In Flux
When Tom and Kaz foil her plan to trap an unsuspecting OverWorlder, Krystella secretly teams with their arch-enemy Klay to get her revenge. In the Drome, Tom is shocked to learn that Klay knows his every move and is prepared to demolish his deck thanks to Krystella's treachery and a unique piece of BattleGear called the Flux Bauble. Tom has to think out of the box to come up with a strategy to defeat the devious duo.moreless

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  • By far my least favorite episode in season 1.

    This episode is almost identical to "A thing about Bodel" Tom and Kaz help out a monster that Krysella tricked and are rewarded with scans of him and his battlegear.

    Back in Chaotic Klay is trying to scam a new player out of his entire deck, until Tom saves the day. Furious he challenges Tom to a match, to which Tom accepts.

    Tom uses only Water monsters and Maxxor, but Klay uses a Flux Bobber to change back to the Lava Pond where water attacks are weakened. Until Tom uses Song of Future Sight to secure his next two locations and go to a place where battle gear is useless.

    The battle sequence for this episode was almost identical to that of "A thing about Bodel" right down to Maxxor beating all but one creature then being beaten and Tom only having one creature left.

    I already knew how the battle was going to turn out when Klay said "battlegar"

    Gladfully the episodes get better.moreless
  • Finally, an episode deticated to the villains.

    First, we have Clay, the snot who's still scamming new players into giving him their decks. He fights Tom and, as he did in the battle against Kaz, masterfully tricks his opponents into unwinnable scenarios so as to ruthlessly pummel them.

    Next, we have Krystalla, who we haven't seen since the above-mentioned Kaz/Clay battle. She's rapidly becoming a villain on both worlds: in Chaotic, she uses listening devices to spy out player strategies and, on Perim, she plays on and manipulates racial divides to achieve an as-yet-unrevealed goal.

    It's a masterful episode, bumping Clay and Krystalla up from being mere rivals of Tom, to being genuine threats; not only to other gamers, but the world of Perim itself.

    Two problems with the episode, though. One, Krystalla confesses her spying for no other reason than to brag. And, secondly, is there no form of enforcement in Chaotic to prevent people from cheating or negatively manipulating Perim? Because it seems like it's just up to good players to try their best to monitor the bad ones, which does allow for good stories, but doesn't exactly gel with the elaborate nature of the game.moreless

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