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  • Still better than Yugioh, but tied with pokemon

    Love this game, cards, and online battle modes WITH the cards. the only thing that makes this better than yugioh, is that each card had its own unique stats. Making every duplicate card, a bit different. Thats what really got me into watching and playing this game. They really need to bring this back, as me and a community of people still play this card game. But you know... there will always be those yugioh/pokemon/anime fan boys complaining about Chaotic being a copy of some shit. :P suck it m8s

    I LOVED yu gi oh and pokemon but chaotic was the best. its a huge shame it didn't get more popular.
  • Kinda inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Inspired from Yu-Gi-Oh, the cards. The battle isn't like Yu-Gi-Oh, it's mixed with Pokemon when it comes to the style of battle, meaning their monster will have to rely by skills. That's the good action value, and the plot is meaningful. The art is somewhat poor, but the concept makes up for it.

    Overall: 8.5. They should have improved the graphics before leaving this canceled.
  • Best tcg show i have ever seen

    i think it is awesome, before even seeing this show for the first time saturday morning when i was like 10 i used to think about where you would actually do something yourself, thats why when i was a kid i never liked the idea of pokemon or yu-gi-oh, because all they did was stand there, i also like the idea of having a real game based off of the tv show (like yu-gi-oh and pokemon) it was a awesome series. my only complaint is that they didnt like more episodes
  • A new ripoff of Yugioh.

    This is a show about a kid with a Scanner that lets him play a virtual Card game, and you discover the codes of monsters to add them to your deck. Interisting premise but it just seems so Forced, and the animation is like South Park mixed with Anime, it is god awful.
  • all it does is rip off two other and much better series.

    all this series is, is a lame attempt to rip off the anime / manga dragon drive( look it up ) and the extremely graphic manga chaosic rune plus it also steals from yu-gi-oh , and duel masters. It seems to me to be also taking from the toy that came out a few years ago, the one where you scan barcodes in stores and get monsters and battle them, as well as the game monster rancher 2. I'd bet anything that by the tenth episode( if it even lasts that long ) 4kids will launch the barrage of toys games and figures to go with the show i'll bet money thats the only reason this show Submits.
  • First Dungeons and Dragons, then Magic, then Pokemon, then Yugioh, then Chaotic. Unoriginal concept, but executed differently.

    This TV series is a new take on similar, role-playing games.

    Instead of having animals or holograms fighting each other, the players' minds are brought into a virtual game world, while their bodies remain in the "real" world (yeah, that threw me, too!).

    There are good guys and bad guys, with one playing off another (I don't think there are "team" battles). Each player pre-selects desired environment, characters, weapons, and "emergency" powers called "Mugix".

    The real characters are somewhat stereotypical, but it's interesting to note that they are free to choose virtual characters that are even of the opposite sex, and not necessarily have characteristics that the real character would normally be associated with (well, how many nerds would choose a nerdy character?).

    It's very confusing, but, with a real online and retail version set to start in October 2007, and, allegedly, at least seven seasons' worth of TV shows in the works, it may become more popular, and, hopefully, less confusing!

    I'll keep watching, for now!
  • Six letters: B-O-R-I-N-G

    This show has lack of originality, a complete copy of YuGiOh also duel masters. I seen this in commercial It was better but when I watch the show, It stinks, the monsters from the shows is just a combination of YuGiOh. The cards are also has comination of YuGiOh and duel monsters. Ok lets talk about the plot, the plot is all about those 2 preteen boys who loves to play cards games. They play in a virtual card game (similar to yugioh). Ok I won't offend to Chaotic fans. I recommend you should watch Yu-Gi-Oh instead of watching Chaotic.
  • I shall explain why this is the best card game-based show out there.

    The reason? Instead of watching characters sit/stand around playing the game and letting the creatures do most of the work for them, you actually see them become a part of the action. That's what makes this show so awesome and different. YGO is just characters slapping down cards and watching the monsters battle for them, but in this, the characters become the creatures and battle themselves! I also like some of the strange logic in this show, like how the character you see in Chaotic is a digital version of the player while the player simply goes along with his everyday life while waiting for his virtual counterpart to return. I also find it interesting how they get the creatures. Instead of buying them like in, again, YGO, or having them fall from the sky like in Bakugan, they scan the creatures to use them in battle. It's also interesting how the creatures' strength when used in battle depends on the condition they're in when they're scanned. All in all, this is a cool show and does what most other card game-based shows haven't done. I know the human storyline's are mostly generic "battle this guy" type storylines, but you gotta admit, the storylines involving the Chaotic creatures themselves are well thought out. Anyway, check it out some time.
  • One of the worst shows I've seen.

    Yet another show trying to knock off anime, and doing it quite horribly too.
    There is absolutely NO PLOT to this show. All they ever do is talk about their stupid card game, do random battles and try to "scan" a monster's "code".
    Speaking of "code", apparently when they say a monster is "coded" it's just a pathetic attempt to avoid the phrase "killed" or any other words relating to death, which is not unlike 4kids.
    Again with the lack of plot, 4kids once again thinks that kids only pay attention to the action of a show and not the story.
    Also, the same darn words keep coming up (such as "attacks" and "code") and the way the say it gets very annoying, which only further shows this show has no story to it.
    Overall, the show is just a plotless knock off of Yu-gi-oh, Digimon, Pokemon, and Duel Masters.
  • Scavenger Scan first scavenger scan match in chaotic

    seccond best episode ever i meen a match without their normal decks i meen thats awsome for real i love to talk about the first or seccond things i like any way about the episode a good start with it was it was kaz and peyton but i think it would better if it was the secondery tribes like peyton vs sarah because 1 you would see a fuul sarah match and 2 maybe you would see sarah use something besides danians despite the fact that she has mezzmar/overwolrder and peyton usse one or none mipedians but yeah a good episode
  • An imitation of Yu-Gi-Oh, if anything. But it's worth watching thanks to interesting art and plenty of action. The script needs work, though.

    When I first watched a few episodes of this show, I thought it was a blatant attempt to rip off Yu-Gi-Oh that would likely be as bad as the original. After watching it some more (for review purposes), I found my assumption was mostly wrong. Mostly...

    Chaotic, like a lot of shows today, is based around a gaming fad that entails an esoteric community. It'll appeal to that audience, but not entirely to those who are new to the concept. But unlike shows like Bakugan, Beyblade, or the aforementioned Yu-Gi-Oh, Chaotic is better at being more appealing to a diverse audience. It's not so much about showing the gameplay; it more shows the action and unique art style, not worrying so much about game mechanics.

    The art style of Chaotic is quite unique, and the action sequences are quite decent for such an archetypal show. Other shows such as Full Metal Alchemist, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Transformers Animated, do have better action sequences, but Chaotic's combat is at least good.

    But Chaotic is not without one major flaw: its characterization and its script. The dialogue of the characters is pretty much a geek-fest, with corny insults and terrible puns and one-liners. The use of slang doesn't help it at all; if anything, it makes the problem worse. Character development is also a problem. Even though it's there, it isn't very awe-inspiring or very deep.

    If you can get past the bad dialogue, Chaotic is decent. I won't suggest that you change the channel instantly upon seeing it, but its certainly not a show you should become devoted to.
  • Great show.

    Chaotic is the best show that has ever existed since the TV was invented! Not only do I DVR every episode, I also have an account on the card website. The show is awesome, espically with the implied relationship between Tom and Sarah. I mean, they so like each other...but they won't admit it. Every time I watch an episode, I always wait to see if this is the episode in which they admit their feelings and finally kiss. It hasn't happened yet, but when it does, it will be the best moment of the entire series that ever happened.
  • Take every action cartoon, roll it up into one glop, throw it in the microwave for two minutes, and you have Chaotic.

    When 4Kids advertised this show, I thought it'd be sweet. Ha ha. Funny; the animation is horrible. The people all looked deformed, and I'm sure if the animation was a bit more finished, the monsters would look good. And I tried watching it, and is there a plot? Random battles and scanning of monsters, which in its own way is a rip-off of Digimon's fourth season. And half of the monsters look like plagarized mix'n'matched mutants from Yu-Gi-Oh!.

    And these cards... they look like it would be a cool game, but I haven't actually seen any advertisements for them outside 4Kids like you would for Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Do they actually exist, or are they just for playing online 4Kids' glitchy site? They try to dupe these little kids into watching their show thinking they'll get some cool cards. When in reality, there aren't any cards. What a gyp.

    And the scheduling. Please, get out of the way so I can watch Ninja Turtles and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Chaotic. Go show yourself on at five in the morning so my television isn't interrupted. If 4Kids tries to make up any of their own action cartoons after this flops-- and since they're starting to rerun, I'm guessing it's already flopped-- they'll end up in the gutter just like this one did.
  • a good tv show.

    Teenager Tom Majors has discovered that the remote control scanner used for an online game is actually a portal that transports his consciousness to an alternate world called Chaotic. In Chaotic, advanced players can make the characters on their game cards come to life. When these players engage in battle, they actually become the character or monster they are playing. The rest of the population of Chaotic can watch the match-ups via monitors. As the Tom and his friend play, they discover the codes of additional creatures, locations and items in Perim. These can be added to their gaming "decks" through the use of their scanners.
  • It's the most impressive show I've ever seen.

    I find this show: Chaotic is kind of chaotic. This show is very impressive with the adobe flash player animation. This show is definitely based off of a card game. In fact the plot and the characters are great. This is also informational about how to play the game and feel the experience of it. This show has some sweet colors and also some 3d animation in addition. I find this show very cool. And on top of all that it is colossal. I'm giving this show a 4 and a half out of five stars. In other words, I am giving this show an 8.9 out of 10. This is axel223 with another of my judgmental reviews
  • Much more then a Yu-Gi-Oh parody.

    I know some people would say this is a Yu-Gi-Oh rip-off. But I think people who say one show is a rip-off of another, isn't giving it a chance. I think it's better then Yu-Gi-Oh. Here's the following reasons why:

    1. The creatures actually fight. In Yu-Gi-Oh, the bigger monsters just rams the weaker one. In Chaotic, they actually go by more then just strength, allow speed and cunning too.

    2. Matches don't take up more then three episodes.

    It should also be noted that this is the first flash cartoon to be action based. Other flash cartoons(like "Foster's home for Imagingare friends", "Mucha Lucha", "El Tigre", etc.) are comedy based.
  • Excellent show. By far the best on 4Kids.

    I was interested in this show from the beginning. long before I saw the first episode. The creatures looked similar to the ones that I drew so I definately wanted to see this. When I first saw the previews I was immediately reminded of Skannerz and had to check it out. I was disappointed by the show artwork, but the battles and storyline kept me going.

    I will continue to enjoy this show for some time.

    I will continue watching this show and hope that it opens up more doors and surprises for its viewers. Now I'm off to scan a Heptad.
  • A decent show

    A teenager named Tom plays a game called Chaotic. He than discovers that the remote control scanner used for an online game is actually a portal that transports him to an alternate world called Chaotic. In Chaotic, advanced players can make the characters on the game cards come to life. When these players enter Perim, they actually become the character or monster they are playing. The rest of the population of Chaotic can watch the match-ups via monitors. As the Tom and his friend play, they discover the codes of additional creatures, locations and items. These can be added to their gaming decks through the use of their scanners but they have to scan thet in order to use them in the game.
  • Based on a real world card game, Tom Majors and his friends Kaz, Sarah and Peyton battle in a virtual reality world known as Chaotic.

    Okay so the only problem I have with this show is the animation. It sucks, plain and simple. Its hard to look at sometimes and I wish they had something better. The plotline is something I really like. Its very good and It had me interested the second the show started. I mean the first episode opens with two monsters battling in a snowy wasteland, that was cool. Its interesting to think that a virtual world that lots of kids know about but don't talk about and the only way to become a part of it is to get a secret code. The monster design is pretty cool, the design on the cards is more fanciful than the actually design in the show, but all in all they are pretty original. I will continue watching this show and hope that it opens up more doors and surprises for its viewers.
  • This seriously reminds me of Digimon. Wait! Could Digimon have influenced this? Nope this thing is Danish.


    Card Game


    Chaotic uses codes, Yu-Gi-Oh has only monsters and magic

    Chaotic has absolutely no real world basis, unlike Yu-Gi-Oh which has some ancient Egyptian themes.

    Tom has more of a hip attitude, while Yugi seems to be more humble when compared to Tom.

    Chaotic has two kinds of story: The Drome stories, involves Tom and his friends in battle matches, and the Perim story, involves good creatures fight bad creatures over a great power. The two rarely intersect if ever so far. Yu-Gi-Oh has story arcs that involve matches that determine the fate of the world.

    Chaotic and Digimon


    A world made out of data(Chaotic has alphanumerical codes and Season 4 had whirling bar codes)

    Card games(Tamers)

    A special handheld device that the main characters always carry and is required to survival in parallel universe(Chaotic is a scanner and Digimon is a digivice)

    The main characters sometimes become the creatures to do battle (Chaotic has the Drome matches and Season 4 had spirit evolution)

    Creatures' data is stored on the device(Season 4)


    Chaotic has no real world basis like Digimon which centers around everything digital.

    Chaotic has two kinds of story: The Drome stories, involves Tom and his friends in battle matches, and the Perim stories, involves good creatures fight bad creatures over the Source. The two rarely intersect, if ever, so far. Digimon is your basic group of kids that must defeat a really bad guy.

    Chaotic only lets one make a copy of the creature's data not absorb it.

    Now tell me how can it possibly be related to Yu-Gi-Oh when one person can easily write a fanfic on how Digimon can cross into Perim through Chaotic code.

    Oh those guys that hear me the FRICKIN thing is FROM DENMARK!!!
  • I personally think Chaotic is a well organized show. Monsters, scanners, mujic...can't get any better than that!

    Chaotic is one of the best action shows I enjoy watching. Those people sure know how to entertain people...hehe. I would have to say, that Chaotic is third on my list of favourite cartoons...because the first two are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Loonatics Unleashed. :) hehe But the best part about it is...the fact that the characters can actually turn into monsters!! Wow, now that is amazing! I sure wish I could turn into a monster and fight people! Lmao...but seriously, Chaotic is an awesome show and I would encourage people to watch it...if I wanted to do so.
  • While it definitely has something, there's some refining that needs to be done before this series can really take off.

    After the booming success of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the two series that single-handedly made 4Kids Entertainment a large player on the animation scene, 4Kids has yet to find another series that can match the success of those two series. Now with Pokemon out of 4Kids' hands and Yu-Gi-Oh! ended and its sequel GX all but over, 4Kids needs another hit if they want to survive.

    Enter Chaotic. 4Kids is putting a lot of money into this property that originated in Denmark, even starting up their own trading card division for it. 4Kids has been plugging this show since last summer, definitely the most advertised show on the 4Kids TV timeblock. 4Kids has huge plans for it, with a storyline projected to be rolled out over seven years.

    Chaotic is one of those multi-platform merchandising objectives. It's a card game, an online game, and a TV series all at the same time. As a card game, it offers a relatively unique playing style. The codes are the center of Chaotic, allowing players to access information on the website. Also, on 4Kids TV offers are given for new online Chaotic cards each week. Clearly 4Kids wants this one to succeed.

    But will it? While a lot of money has been spent on this property and a lot of effort put into building around it, does the TV series itself hold up?

    Yes and no. Chaotic is relatively formulaic. There are two types of episodes - the episodes where one of the heroes battle in the Drome, or where they go on an adventure in the world of Perim. There seems to be somewhat of a lack of overall plot. The episodes are disjointed and of little consequence. In certain series that is a strength, but in a series like this, it is a weakness. Chaotic needs to develop an overall plot, or otherwise the episodes begin to feel useless. There are hints of it, with the idea of Perim's four tribes seeking the Source, but it is still underdeveloped.

    Visually, however, the show is stunning. The animation has a 2D look that is beautifully done, really showcasing Bardel Entertainment's work. Bardel also does the animation for Viva Pinata, another visually striking show produced by 4Kids. The action in the show can become very intense, and it has a unique and appealing look to it. The colors are excellent, the character designs are well done, and overall it is very attractive to the eye.

    The voice acting, however, is another story. 4Kids has a decent pool of voice actors to work with, but they are not put to good use in this series, much like 4Kids' work with Sonic X and One Piece. The voice of Tom is all right, but his friends and the most of the monsters (except Takinam, among others) are relatively flat and sometimes irritating. There isn't a lot of life to the voice acting, either.

    Overall, Chaotic just needs some work and it could be a big hit. Right now, it's still somewhere around average. But with some fine-tuning, specifically some better voice work (which will improve over time as the voice actors become more comfortable in their roles) and well-developed central plot and this series could quickly become a marketing phenomenon.
  • Yeah, but can it replace "Yu-Gi-Oh!"?

    If you like "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX", you'll love "Chaotic"! Now, I'm not exactly sure if it will replace the gaming phenomenon that is "Yu-Gi-Oh!", but "Chaotic" is very interesting. With a completely different playground, new rules, and especially everything depicted in the world called "Perim," you'll be holding on to the edge of your seat for dear life!

    It may not have an adventure setting quite like those depicted in "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and all of its spinoffs, but Chaotic's gameplay alone is worth watching an episode.

    So, say what you want about your "Yu-Gi-Oh!". But when "Yu-Gi-Oh!" finally goes gone for good, at least I've got "Chaotic" to ease my pain!
  • This an aweome show on 4kidstv I watch it every saturday morning its awesome.

    Its about this guy who enters the world of chaotic this show is very good 4kids shows usually such as bratz sonic x and winx club arent worth watching but this show is definatly worth watching the animation might be clique but this show is pretty good I hope it goes for 6 seasons.