Chappelle's Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Ep. #103

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Great sketches in this one.

    QVC: Dave shows exactly how low class the QVC shopping is.

    Very funny, Dave can so many things funny, even boring things like QVC.

    Roots: Outakes from a DVD of the movie Roots

    Extremely well done, very funny when Dave cusses out the slave driver. All the outakes were great.

    It's A Wonderful Chest: A woman wants to have smaller breasts but then comes along an "Angel" who shows her why its good to have big breasts.

    spectacular sketch, so funny. The end was great when you find out that the angel is actually a janitor on drugs, classic.

    Musical Performance: Talib Kweli

    Not bad, I've seen worse artists on this show.
  • Pretty good episode, you'll get a kick out of basically every sketch. But, Dave Chappelle has done better.

    Pretty funny one, each one is pretty good, but none of them are over-the-top great. However, all the sketches are well done, so you guys must see this episode. Here's my breakdown:

    The first skit is making fun of QVC and how their models aren't exactly top-notch. The skit previews three items, with three models that have a gross feature where they're modeling. It's a pretty disgusting skit, but pretty funny too. 8/10

    The next sketch is about Roots, where he advertises this special edition DVD box set for the 25th anniversary of Roots. Then the sketch previews a bit, and some of the "outtakes" are pretty funny.8/10

    This next skit is sort of making fun of reality "hidden camera" shows like Punk'd, and Jamie Kennedy's experiment. The sketch features the show named "Zapped" where Dave tricks people into "real and hard" things. There are three "zapped" experiments, and each one of them is hilarious. This one was great, exspecially if you're familiar with these types of shows. The stuff from those original shows are hilarious in themselves, but these...these are just hilarious. 9.5/10

    Then, we have a sketch about titties. Yes, titties. The message is for women to appreciate their bodies, and don't worry if you "have big titties". Here, Dave plays a janitor who's high on PCP who takes this one girl who wants her giant titties gone into the future, where she is a flat chested freak. I think you get where this sketch went...and it was successful. I really loved this sketch, and if you saw it you would know why. Dave takes her into 3 scenerios where her titties take her into a big mess with her friends, co-workers, and best friends.9/10

    This episode was really good, and it basically shows what the Dave Chappelle show is. This show exemplifies the show, and if you loved this episode, then I suggest you watch every other episode in the series.