Chappelle's Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Ep. #104

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Amazing episode. There weren't many skits, but the Reparations sketch was funny as hell. You will love this episode.

    This episode is what TV should be. Well, for comedy. It's great; everything is hilarious. Every sketch was great.

    The show kicks off with its main sketch, which takes up half the show. It's called "Reparations". It's about giving black people a trillion dollars, and seeing what would happen. It starts with Chuck Taylor talking about the Reparations. It's hilarious, with black people making fun of the whites on TV, black people making fun of people working, and the stocks sky-rocketing. Such as chicken being 600 dollars a bucket. News reports show everything being sold. It is truly a hilarious skit. You will love it...probably perfect. 10/10

    The next sketch is about titties. Well, it's Dave Chappelle, and he loves his titties. So, as Dave explains, girls get mad when guys mention girls' boobs, and Dave needs to find a way to compliment them without getting them mad. So the sketch is about Miles "looking for great New York boobs". So in the sketch he's complimenting girls on their boobs, and sometimes the camera zooms in. Wow. Just wow. 9/10

    The next skit is back to the Reparations. The news report shows how all the african americans didn't show up to their NBA basketball games, and how Bill Gates' fame for being the richest person in the world has been broken by a resident of Brooklyn. This guy jokes about the funniest things on camera, and it ends up being yet another hilarious sketch. 9/10

    This episode was one of the greatest episodes, and if you EVER have the chance of watching it, you basically have to. It's that good...and you'll remember it for a looong time. Go get it now!