Chappelle's Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Ep. #104

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2003 on Comedy Central



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    • Dave: I'm a chronic masterbater.

    • Tron: I'll have a Bannana Koniac Bio*ch!

    • Tron: (singing) Look how tron is livin....Fo the Sit-taaa!

    • Donnell Rawlings: I'M RICH BIATCH!

    • Big Al: You pasty bastard, look at you Chuck, you look sick man. You look like you just walked up from Ground Zero. This job sucks. Kiss the rings b!tch.

    • Chuck Taylor: When we get back, the crime rate has fallen to 0%.
      How can that be, did the mexicans get money today too?
      (laughs, then gasps and shakes head)
      I shouldn't have said that.
      (camera fading out, woman walks up to Taylor at newsdesk)
      Look, I think we're okay. Mexicans don't watch TV. Now, if this were Telemundo...a-hotchy-kotchy-kotchy-kotchy!

    • Reporter: So, what do you plan to spend your money on?
      Tron: I'm going to re-invest it in the community.
      Reporter: Well, that's... (cut off)
      Tron: PYSCHE! I'm gonna spend it before y'all honkies change yo minds.

    • (Black people receive reparations for slavery)
      Reporter: Sir, now that you've got your check do you plan on quitting your job driving this truck?
      Donnell Rawlings: Truck driver? I ain't no truck driver. I'm a janitor. That's right, baby, I just bought this truck straight cash. I got enough cigarettes for me and my family for the rest of our lives! I'M RICH, BIATCH! (honks horn)

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