Chappelle's Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Ep. #105

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on Comedy Central
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Rocka Pads Tampon commercial featuring Damon Dash (head of Roc-A-Fella Records) .... basically poking fun of how hip hop has extended its scope from music to a number of mainstream industries such as vodka, clothing and of course, tampons ;)

Redman Potty Fresh A commercial for toilet cleaner featuring Redman from The Def Squad. Another play on the hip hop phenomenon.

Great Moments in Hook-up History Martin Johnson(Chappelle) is desperate for some ass because he has been on and 8 week losing streak with the ladies. Ashly Evans comes along and he sees his chance since she's drunk as hell.

Ask a Black Dude with Paul Mooney Paul Mooney answers a few questions from various street personalities.

Inside Chappelle's Show Studio A guy interviews Dave Chappelle on his own show talking about movies Dave has been in. They show clips of each movie they talk about.

Musical Performance: Fat Joe performs "Crush Tonight" with Tony Sunshine.moreless

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  • I had to think a little to get some of the jokes in this episode, but i enjoyed it.

    Rocka Pads: This sketch made fun of the rap industry extending itself to industries like Vodka, etc.

    Very funny sketch, with the two women ,and the one dancing at the end.

    Redman Potty Fresh: An ad for a toilet cleaner.

    I liked this sketch it was funny, Redman in living in the toilet was great.

    Great Moments in Hook-up History: Martin Johnson is desperate because he has'nt had any women in weeks.

    Probably the best skit of the night, Chappelle is so original and so funny.

    Ask a Black Dude with Paul Mooney: Mooney answers a few questions from various street personalities.

    This was a feature, I had to think a little though.

    Inside Chappelle's Show Studio: A guy interviews Dave Chappelle on his own show talking about movies dave has been in.

    Required a little bit of thought, but funny.

  • Very good episode, it had some confusing things, but if you understand it you should like it a lot.

    It's a pretty good show...but some of the jokes were either too confusing or I didn't understand what they were making fun of. But nonetheless, it was a great show.

    The show kicks off when Dave notices how rappers are making everything these days: Vodka, clothing, songs, ect. So he then makes two sketches with rappers making tampons and toilet cleaner. It's pretty hilarious seeing the rappers describe these things with a bunch a swear words. Redman adds swear words with a few words in the middle and makes a common quote that I will be saying for ages. Weird? Yes. 9/10

    The next sketch is called "A moment in hook-up history". In this sketch, all Martin Johnson [Dave] wants is ass. So he finally finds this girl who's drunk, and had her keys taken away by the bartender. He had his chance to get ass...and...well, you'll find out what happens when you watch it, since you will!;) 9/10

    Ask a black dude with Paul Mooney is the next skit, and it owned. It's based on how white people are afraid to ask their black friends, in fear of getting the **** beat outta them. Well, he's the chance. They get comedian Paul Mooney to answer some of their questions. Huzzah! 8/10

    The next sketch is Inside the studio of Dave Chappelle...and it shows three clips of movies that Chappelle has "acted" in. The sketches are pretty weird, and sometimes funny. But to rate all of them, I'd have to use the word "silly". 7/10

    So this episode was pretty good, and had more episodes than most Chappelle shows have. They weren't too bad either, and this episode would be a great one to watch for a fan of the series, or anybody for that matter.moreless



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Fat Joe

Fat Joe

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Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones

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    • During the film "Left foot, Long foot" when he's being interviewed for Inside Chappelle's Show Studio , you can see a bit of blood on the top right of his forehead after he gets up after slipping on the skateboard. In one of the following shots when he is looking around at the crowd applauding him you can see the blood is now down by his nose. The next shot it back up the top of his forehead and the following shot its even further down his nose than before.

    • Goof: The amount of blood on the handicapped man's head changes constantly from each angle.

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