Chappelle's Show

Season 1 Episode 6

Ep. #106

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2003 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Third World Girls Gone Wild: An infomercial spoofing the Girls Gone Wild videos and replacing hot girls with women from the third world.

The Dave Chappelle Story: This sketch spoofs Antwone Fisher, which tells the story of Dave Chappelle and how he was born and came to be.

Ask a Gay Guy: This is a short sketch in which a few people get to ask a gay guy some funny questions, followed by a witty and flaming responses by Mario Cantone.

The Mad Real World: The show ends with one of the funniest sketches of the first season: 'The Mad Real World' where a house full of balck people and one white person gets real.

Musician David Broom performs.moreless

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  • It was decent.

    Third World Girls Gone Wild: An infommercial spoofing the Girls Gone Wild videos and replacing attractive girls with women from the third world.

    I thought this was a pretty good skit, the idea of making a Girls Gone Wild from a 3rd world country is hilarious.

    The Dave Chappelle Story: This sketch spoofed Antwone Fisher.

    This skit was alright, it's funny how Dave took a series movie and made it funny.

    The Mad Real World: Sketch that put a white guy in house full of black people.

    Maybe the funniest sketch to ever air on Chappelle's Show. Everyone in the house wanted to party, he tried to sleep, he worked hard at work everyone else gambled. Dave is so creative and funny.moreless
  • I feel this episode lacked humor except for one skit: "Mad Real World". It was a pretty non-funny show which didn't exactly make me laugh.

    The show isn't as good as most Chappelle Shows, and I guess I wouldn't reccomend this to many people, except for fans of the series, and people who have seen it before. But for those who have never seen a Chappelle Show before, don't watch this episode first.

    The show kicks off when Chappelle notices how the Antwon Fisher story was written by himself, Antwon Fisher. So Dave says how biased he would be if he wrote his own story, and how much he would exaggerate his story. It's a pretty funny skit, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The skit had potential, but it didn't deliver as well. Sure, it made me laugh a bit, but not that much. 7.5/10

    The next sketch is relatively the same sketch as the "Ask a black dude" in the previous episode. This time it's "Ask a gay dude". The person they ask is Mario Cantone, the gay guy from Sex in the City. It's an okay sketch, with one funny line and the rest being...stupid. Some of you guys might like it. 7/10

    The last sketch is by far the funniest of the others, and it's making fun of the Real World. Dave tells us how there's always one token black guy on the show, with the other 5 being white people. So he then imagines how it would be if it were the other way around, with 1 token white guy, the rest being black. The episode is pretty funny, actually. It kind of gave what I was expecting, with the racial stereotypes coming into play. Many people would love this skit. 9/10

    Overall, it wasn't the best episode ever. Dave has definitely come up with funnier episodes, but then again, even the worst of the Chappelle shows are pretty good.moreless
  • "The Mad Real World" - great idea.

    One of my roommates brought home a DVD of “Chappelle’s Show” last night. I had never seen the show before, so I sat down to watch for awhile. I didn’t really find it that funny, but I was interested by one particular skit, “The Mad Real World.” Dave has noticed that on MTV’s “The Real World,” there is often just one black roommate in the house. That roommate generally has a breakdown and is kicked off of the show for the safety of the remaining cast. Dave wonders what would happen if things were the other way around and there was only one white roommate. I have a genuine moment of “hey, that’s a really good point,” so I stick around through the episode.

    A naïve, hearty-looking young white man is introduced to his new roommates, “the six craziest black people around,” in “The Mad Real World: Hoboken.” TyRee, Tron, Lisa, Zondra, and Faze Z. proceed to indimidate, mock, and abuse poor Chad. A houseguest named Lysol claims Chad’s bed, everyone sleeps with Chad’s girlfriend, and TyRee stabs Chad’s father. It’s still not all that funny, but there are a few good moments, and the commentary reveals that everyone was smoking actual pot while filming the episode. One can watch nearly the entire skit at the “Chappelle’s Show” website.

David Broom

David Broom

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    • Chad's Dad: I got stabbed!
      Phase 2: [in the confessional] Raaa-raa!
      Chad's Dad: I just got stabbed, and I don't know what I did!
      Tron: [in the confessional] You came into a house with 5 wild ass niggas, that's whatcha did, ah-ah-ah-ah. I-I'm bleeeeding.

    • (The Cast is dismissing Chad)
      Chad: So you want me to just leave?
      Tron: Really man, we could just fuck you up.
      Tyree: We tryin' to be, ya know, convenial about this.
      Tron: If worse comes to worse, we do reserve the right to fuck you up.
      Lysol: (in the background) Fuck you up!

    • (Chad Crying because girlfriend is having sex with Lysol)
      Tyree: Man, can you hold it down? I'm tryin' to make love over here!

    • Chad: Tyree, you stabbed my dad! And you had sex with Katie.
      Tyree: Hey man, you got that all wrong. I ain't had sex with Katie. Lysol had sex with Katie. I just filmed it.
      Katie: No, Tyree, you had sex with me too.
      Tyree: Correction: I had sex with Katie.

    • Dave Chappelle: It's not HBO. It's regular ass TV.

    • Tyree: Shut up befroe I cut some bacon off your back.

    • Chad: Be careful if you ever get a sleeper hold. The next day your anus will really hurt.

    • Bush: "Would you like to take a bath with my daughters? They can learn something from you and...I heard you have a sixteen inch penis!"
      Chappelle: "Eighteen...but who's counting?"

    • Tron: Get out my face N*gga!!

    • Chad: Hi, I'm Chad, your new roommate.
      Tyree: Well, looky here, "Chad." For the entire period you in my room, I better not catch you standing up peeing. You sit down when you pee, you got that? Now get your fat ass on outta here.

    • Tron: Katie has some big ass tit-tays!

    • Tron: Night. Night. Keep yo butthole tight.

    • (Tron and Phaze 2 are playing craps in the back alley behind the juice hut where they are supposed to be working.)
      Phaze 2: Yo, go in there and get me a Philly blunt son.
      Tron: And a banana Cognac, biatch!

    • Tron: America wanna see me live, not work. Look at this America, look at how Tron is livin' in the city.

    • Tron: Hey, it's a white boy, ok who ordered the pizza. Hey white boy what's the square root of this apartment?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Most of the "Mad Real World" script was ad-libbed. When Chalie Murphy says the word "convenial" during Chad's dismissal, it was actually a mistake ("convenial" is not a word). He couldn't think of a good word on the spot, so he made one up. It was kept during editing because it suited the "Tyree" character.

    • Dave imagines if The Real World did a season with an all black cast and one super white guy; music by Real World's David Broom.


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