Chappelle's Show

Season 2 Episode 1

Ep. #201

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2004 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

This episode starts out with a parody of the old commercials for the beer "Samuel Adams" by replacing the name with "Samuel L Jackson". Dave Chappelle plays the part of "Samuel L Jackson"./>
After the commercial there is about two minutes of Dave Chappelle's stand up Comedy. This one is centered on the right to smoke and Dave Chappelle's right to "Fight". Dave Chappelle states that he has to fight because it's in his genes, which brings us to a series of short clips of the brief history of the Chappelle family. These short clips start out in New York City 2004; Chappelle is standing in line in the cold and says that the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, is messing up. Washington DC 1978; Chappelle is stuck in traffic and says that the President, Carter, is messing up. Chicago 1945; Chappelle is a janitor that is reading a paper about the bombings in Japan and says that the President, Truman, is messing up. South Carolina 1863; Chappelle is a slave in front of barn and says that the President, Lincoln, is messing up. Another Chappelle is twiddling a piece of wood and says that all white folks in general are messing up. Africa 1695; Chappelle is a member of an African tribe roaming through the desert/jungle and says the Chief is messing up. Chappelle spots a boat with some white people and goes to see what they want. Atlantic Ocean 2 weeks later; Chappelle is in chains and says he messed up./>
Then we get another few minutes of Dave Chappelle's stand up. Chappelle says he can do better. He plans to run for Mayor or Governor. Chappelle has prerecorded campaign ads to some day "represent" "you". The first of 2 ads is about "Health care". Chappelle says that the price of "Health care" is rising while our neighbors in Canada have free "Health care" for all its citizens. Chappelle's solution is to give each of us a fake Canadian ID card. The second ad is for the modern problems of "teen pregnancy". Chappelle says that what we need are more programs in place that promote abstinence. Chappelle's solution for "teen pregnancy" is to get every High School Principal to have sex with the oldest teacher in the school in front of all the students. The Principal and teacher would be covered in mayonnaise so you can hear the sounds of there flesh flapping together./>
Dave Chappelle does another few minutes of stand up. Dave Chappelle says that since he has become more famous he has been asked to be on a few music videos. The problem is that they always want him to do the things that make him look bad. He mentions "Snoop Dogg" and how "Snoop" wants Dave to roll around on the floor while "Snoop" walk over him in "slow motion". Dave Chappelle says that he's tired of being the one that gets walked over and that he want to be the one in "slow motion" because "slow motion" can always make you look cool. Now it jumps to a quick sketch of Dave Chappelle doing his laundry. This first sketch is not done in "Slow Motion". Chappelle says "Hello" to lady he calls "Mrs. Kim". The next sketch of Chappelle is done in "slow motion". Chappelle is walking in to the same laundry mat as the last sketch. As Mrs. Kim takes off her sweater she turns into a much younger, sexier lady. They end the sketch with Chappelle and the sexier Mrs. Kim dancing with the laundry soap in hand. In the next, non-slow motion sketch Chappelle is walking through the floor of a night club. He is carrying a beer and bumping into people as he navigates his way from one side of the room to another. At the end he bumps into a man and spills his drink. This makes the man punch Chappelle so hard it knocks him down. In the "slow motion" version of the same sketch Chappelle is able to navigate his way through the crowd with ease. People are moving out of his way. He looks cool. When he bumps into the man and spills his beer he still gets punched, but this time he does a total back flip and lands on his feet. He catches his beer without spilling a drop. Two blonds women get hot just watching him and start to kiss. Now we go back to Chappelle's stand up. He says that the "slow motion" does not always work. In the next sketch, not in "slow motion", Chappelle is sitting on the toilet. Everything seems fine in regular speed. In "slow motion" Chappelle blows up the tank of the toilet. Then he is doing a forward somersault that knocks him out of his shoes as he goes flying out of the restroom./>
Chappelle does a little stand up about how being American is cool because most Americans are mixed us racially. He talks about how he is Black and his wife is Asian. When they are talking about "Tiger Woods" they argue about what part of him is the athlete. This takes us into the next sketch, the "Racial Draft". Chappelle play one of the three announcers for the "Racial Draft". The "Blacks" have won the first pick of the "Racial Draft" and they pick Tiger Woods. Tiger woods is officially 100% "Black". Tiger Woods is played by Dave Chappelle. The "Jews" get the second pick and the announcers think that they may pick Madonna. In a surprise move the "Jews" pick Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz's mom, "Black", was on the "Jefferson's" and his dad, a "Jew", was her Lawyer. Lenny Kravitz is now 100% Jewish. The "Latinos" get the third pick and they choose Elian Gonzales. This choice was made so that the "White" people could not adopt him as there own, again. The fourth pick goes to the "White" people. The "White" representative is played by Dave Chappelle. Their choice is Colin Powell. Colin Powell is not even 1/8 "White". There choice upsets the "Blacks" who agree to let the "White" take Colin Powell if they agree to also take Condoleezza Rice as part of the deal. The "Blacks" want Eminem, but the "Whites" say it is not part of the deal. The "Whites" are willing to give the "Blacks" OJ Simpson. The fifth pick goes to the "Asians". The "Asians" pick the Wu Tang Clan./>
This takes the show to closing credits where Dave Chappelle is doing more of his imitation of Samuel L Jackson in the parody of the "Samuel Adams" commercial./>
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