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Chappelle's Show

Season 2 Episode 8

Ep. #208

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2004 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

I Know Black People: Dave hosts his new gameshow "I Know Black People" in which he asks people who claim to know black people certain questions about black culture.
When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Another installment of "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong".

Musical Performance: Erykah Badumoreless

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  • A game show featuring several different people from different races and ethnic backgrounds competing on a gameshow to reveal how much they know about black people.

    This episode features the best game show parody since SNL's "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketches. However, it is not the parody that makes this sketch great. What makes it great is the context for which this sketch was made. Dave says during the intro to the sketch that there were people complaining that the show was offensive to black people. Well, obviously some people don't know that much about black people. So Dave had a bunch of people come onto the show to find out just how well some people knew black people. Most of this sketch is not written, however the comedy comes from the brilliance behind the concept and the questions that WERE written for the game show. The questions themselves are funny because they poke fun at stereotypes but the contestants make it funnier by their reactions to them. By far one of the most brilliantly executed sketches on the show.moreless

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    • (On "I Know Black People")
      Chappelle: Tito, is pimping easy?
      Tito: No.
      Chappelle: That is correct.
      Korean store worker: No.
      Chappelle: That is correct.
      Professor: Umm, Big Daddy Kane would say, "It ain't easy."
      Chappelle: "Pimpin' Ain't Easy," he is correct!
      Social Worker: It's hard.
      Chappelle: Correct.
      Social Worker: All right, I have a hard time with it myself.
      Chappelle: Yes, pimping, as a matter of fact, ain't easy. (Next scene) Is pimping easy?
      Barber shop worker: Hell yeah!
      Chappelle: Somehow, that is correct.

    • (Dave asks the contestants to complete a "Good Times" lyric)
      Contestant: You know I've always had trouble with this one because it was so hard to make out. I remember as a child I'd try to figure it out, and it sounded something like, [singing] "Hangin' in a jury!"
      Dave: [snickering] Wait a minute, say that again.
      Contestant: [singing] Hangin' in a jury! And I was wondering, does that mean someone's hung in a jury?' I wasn't really sure, you know, kinda.....
      Dave: Is that close enough judges, can we accept that answer?
      Yes, the judges will accept that answer. The real lyrics are: Hanging in a chow line.
      Contestant: Ohhh, okay.
      Dave: Yes that right. According to sources, this is the most disputed lyric of all the Good Times lyrics. I looked it up on the internet myself.

    • Dave: Now for the final question: Will black people ever overcome?
      White female cop: Ummm, will they ever overcome?
      Dave: That is correct!

    • Dave: What is a chickenhead?
      Professor: That's a woman who umm puts her mouth on the member of a..or sometimes called a crackwhore.
      Dave: That is acceptable. That is one of the many definitions of a chickenhead.

    • Dave: (Giving the winner of "Who Knows Black People" his prize) And here's a lifetime supply of Murray's grease. And trust me, one can is a lifetime's supply.

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