Chappelle's Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Ep. #210

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Dave does sketches cutting up P.Diddy's (or as he calls him Puff Daddy) Making The Band (along with yet another classic impression), Schlipp's Beer (the true effects of alcohol), and Kneehigh Park, a spoof on Sesame Street with a slight twist, and a littl

    Dave's at it again, using his unique style of humour to destroy everything in his path. On his 'Making The Band' sketch, Dave played both P.Diddy, and a character Dylan; the makings for a another classic Chappelle impression. Dave's portrayal of Puff was absolutely hilarious, ripping on the 'rapper's' high-profile lifestyle. Having an entourage carry him around was just icing on the cake. 'Schipp's Beer' was a funny bit over all, but it was definately nothing compared to his other beer commerical for Sam Jackson. 'Kneehigh Park' is amongst Dave and Neil Brennan's finest work. The whole thing had me almost in tears; all of the puppets (right down to the STDs) were hilarious, and having Dave, Snoop Dog, and (Charlie Murphy?) as the voices couldn't have been a better choice. Stinky the bums song about giving up the world of money is side-splitting, but perhaps the most shockingly ridiculous moment was Dangles (Snoop's puppet) exposing himself and explaining to the kids how he got V.D. The whole thing was just a butchering of a popular childrens show meant to teach kids valuable lessons, turned into a hard lesson of life's reality...all to the tune of Dave Chappelle's drum. Snoop's performance with Tyrone was howls too. This episode is definately a high-lite of season 2.