Chappelle's Show

Season 2 Episode 13

Ep. #213

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Great episode, very funny!

    First Black Man to Use a White Toilet: Dave looks back at the first black person to use a white toilet.

    I love this skit, Dave's scene when he was using the toilet was hilarious. I have never scen a skit like that on a sketch comrdy series before. Very original, and funny.

    A Moment in the Life Of Lil' Jon: Another installment of the Life of Lil' Jon, Dave actually gets him on the show.

    Great, Hilarious, Lil' Jon's yelling is very funny, and then his calm voice is funny.

    Black George Bush: What would the U.S. be like if George Bush was black?

    Very funny sketch, Chappelle's last skit of the night is always his best!

  • One of my top 3 favorite episodes of Chappelle's show and it's simply because each sketch surpasses the other!


    Each sketch is hilarious in this episode. The first black man to take a dump on a white toilet is splenid. Dave impersonates an old man brilliantly and the accent is exceptionally funny. Charlie Murphy's appearance is also really good. The idea of the story is great as it goes back in time...
    The Lil Jon Vs Lil Jon sketch (as I like to call it :P) epitomises the other 2 Lil Jon sketches that appear in season 2. Dave meets the real Lil Jon and their exchanges are hilarious although maybe after continuous repeats some may get tied of. Nonetheless Oprah again makes her appearance as being pregnant and that on its own is classic.
    The best sketch as far as spoofing is concerned is Dave impersontating a black american president (Black Bush). Dave puts himself in all the situations a president usually is in and makes them strikingly funny. From attacking Iraq to the US relations with the UN its great comedy no doubt about it.
    Episode 13 (perhaps the last ever??) is exactly I watch Chappelle's show. Clever written comedy with Dave performing the sketches to perfection!!
  • Dave pretends Bush the president was Black.

    In this hilarious episode, one of the funniest yet. Dave goes into a world in which there is Black Bush. In a series of hilarious events one where a woman asks about the oil in Iraq and he acts dumb then runs out of the room. Another of the funnier moments is where Jamie Foxx is Black Tony Blair and his voice is hilarious.

    This episode had some of the funniest skits put together. And something else funny was when they asked him about what they're going to do next and he responds, The Moon! Thats right the moon! Very funny stuff!

    Overall I Loved this episode and give it 5 out of 5 stars.