Chappelle's Show

Season 3 Episode 2

Ep. #302

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • it was alright, it wasnt the best but it wasnt the worse. I think that it could have been better in the middle of the show. HE needs to put more stage jokes on and not only with the videos.

    I first of all think that this is the worst one that i have seen all day and i am going to try and see one that is not so good so that i can give a worse review but i dont think that it was that bad. Mabey in the next show you do alot more video time and a little less stage time. I know that it is not the worse and i certainly know that it is not the best. I know that there will be more and that they will be better or else you will loose a viewer.
  • This is not his show

    Just like last week this show is just off. This is not his show it's what they scavenged and put together. The only thing that made me laugh a little( more like a giggle) was the pixie bit. The host add nothing to the show they should just show it and cut out charlie murph and his ashy side kick. At the rate things are going now no one whats to see them destroy any more of what was once a great show. Over all this is just plane bad tv
  • Dave made the right call

    Very poor episode, with the pixie sketch being unfunny, and boring, but also gave an insight into Dave leaving the show (the Time magazine article refers to this sketch being the realisation for Dave that it was going wrong).

    The tv in the bedroom sketch didn\'t have any kick to it and the gary coleman sketch was crap.
  • BYAAH!

    BYAAH! This episode was really funny. BYAAH! The pixie sketch was really funny and racist. BYAAH! The Gary Coleman fight made me laugh when it was obviously a Gary Coleman dummy. BYAAH! And BYAAH! proved that if you say something enough, BYAAH!, it will become funny. BYAAH! BYAAH! BYAAH!

  • As a fan of seasons 1 and 2, these new episodes are Abysmal

    Absolutely horrible, not one single laugh during the first ten minutes of the show, so I turned it off. Again, Just utterly horrible. The Howard Dean bit was not only about two years too late, but the constant repititon of the "Bwarr" or whatever it was, was annoying. The bedroom sketch was equally unfunny, which is the point in which I turned it off. I am a fan of seasons 1 and 2, I have them on DVD. These "Lost" episodes just plain S U C K suck. I can be certain that I will not buy these when this DVD is released.
  • Holy mother of God, this was pure, unfiltered garbage. If this is the reason why Dave left the show, then godspeed to him...

    I have never seen a more terrible display of comedy from Dave Chappelle, so this horrid, putrid episode had me at a gasp. I always admired Dave\\\\\\\'s brand of comedy for being out of the box, radically innovative, and flat-out gut busting funny. Tonight was just bad...Carlos Mencia bad.

    [b]1st Sketch[/b]: Howard Dean.

    Okay, although Dean humor is dated, I must recall that this was made a few years back. Still, that\\\\\\\'s no excuse for how awful this sketch was. The repeat of the \\\\\\\"Byaah\\\\\\\" line was proof positive of how degenerative and juvenile the humor has become. Repeating catchphrases without a punchline or direction of a joke is a sign of running out of ideas. The Busta Rhymes parody mustered a chuckle out of me, but it only lasted for 10-12 seconds. Not a good start after such a disappointing first episode. [b]THUMBS DOWN[/b].

    [b]2nd Sketch[/b]: Television\\\\\\\\Bedroom Sex

    Now I thought I was going to be in for some great bedroom innuendo comedy, especially considering Dave\\\\\\\'s past with it (Wrap it Up box, Love Contract, Spouse Swap). But this was nothing like those gold sketches. Not in the least bit. The cameos, albeit, were a nice touch, but what was the point? Alf watched Dave have sex? Marla Gibbs helped Dave achieve? The pointless \\\\\\\"Byaah\\\\\\\" at the end of it was a desperate ploy to make it seem funnier than it wasn\\\\\\\'t. [b]THUMBS DOWN[/b].

    [b]3rd Sketch[/b]: Gary Coleman

    Celebrity impersonations have usually been a strongpoint of Dave\\\\\\\'s (Puff Daddy, Cannibus, R. Kelly). But here, this was plain retardation. Another example of bad humor: Make up for no jokes or humor by sliding in a gross out gag (the chunk of hair) or a catch-line (\\\\\\\"What you talking bout, b***h Unfunny. [b]THUMBS DOWN[/b].

    [b]4th Sketch[/b]: Racial Pixies (???)
    The direction of this sketch alone is stupid and non-Dave, but racial humor is Dave\\\\\\\'s forte (Racial Draft, N*ggar Family, Clayton Bigsby, Mad Real World, etc). This sketch is so bad that it just couldn\\\\\\\'t have been written by Dave Chappelle. I can\\\\\\\'t even believe he would have his hand in something this bad and this devoid of humor. The use of cheap stereotypes was weak, as blacks and chicken, Asians and the letter \\\\\\\"L\\\\\\\", and Mexicans and car detailing, were handled with such unfunny manner that it seriously killed any chance of this episode redeeming itself like the 2pac skit did last week. Dave in those ridiculous costumes spouting out stupid, hacked material single-handedly made this the worst episode in Chappelle show history. Flush it. [b]THUMBS DOWN[/b].

    Overall, a sad, tragic return. I will gladly eat my words when an actual funny sketch comes up. Just one more proverbial nail in the coffin of this show.

    Final show reaction: [b]THUMBS WAY DOWN[/b].

  • Another decent episode. Brwaah! (I think thats how you speell it lol.)

    Again Dave Chappelle did not host this epsiode. I guess that okay... Anyway, this episode was pretty fuuny. Dave makes fun of Howard Dean's "Brwaah!" Dave also makes fun of Gray Coleman as a security officer. The three best sketches to me was the pixcies, Howard Dean and the having sex while watching tv.
  • 301 was gold compared to this one.

    I at least laughed at Howard Dean, that\'s more than I can say for Chapplle as Dean. The skit with people coming out of the tv was OK, Charles Barkley and Marla Gibbs gave good openings for two jokes. Next up was an acting out of the Gary Coleman, as the security guard, fight, also weak. And the finally 16 minutes consisted of Chappelle as a pixie trying to encourage racial stereotypes. The skit itself was rather funny, but then they ask the audience what they thought of it, and if they agreed with Dave, that it shouldn\'t be shown. They showed about 10 responses, but it felt like 40, very time consuming and very unfunny.