Chappelle's Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Ep. #303

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Black monster episode conspiracy

    The black monsters episode was absolutely brilliant and I think there is a conspiracy to keep this skit from black people because it would change our whole whole way of perceiving racism. If you are black and think the skit was stupid you have totally missed the point! It wasnt supposed to be funny. Sometimes authors/artist encode serious issues into their work in order to get it out to the masses.
  • over

    I will not buy this season. Wait even if it was a gift it would remain unopened. This episode was just like the rest of them, POINTLESS. Why they put it on the air was beyond me. With one funny skit and that was about it. In total there were three funny skits in three episode combined. The just should of made a fair well Dave with just showing us those three and leaving a good taste in our mouth. In the end I'm glad it's over so I don't have to see them make a fool of what was once a great show.
  • ....maybe the Dvd is better....

    Okay. Out of all the lost episodes, this one to me was the worse episode. The Monster sketch was stupid, the one with the anchor people saying the N word was stupid, and the Wizard of Oz looking sketch did not make sense. The only sketch I thought that was kinda funny out of the whole episode was the Lil Jon movie. I'm going to buy the Dvd when it comes out along with the Boondocks.
  • Another episode that starts off completely unfunny, but then bailed out by one sketch. I guess that\'s a positive, but whatever. This is the end of Dave Chappelle on television.

    The Monsters: What started out as a funny concept quickly ran on into another miserable, unfunny sketch of this \"lost\" season. The characters were incorporated well into sketch, but they had no funny lines! There were no jokes, and just silly, juvenile gross out humor. I thought this was supposed to be a clever play on perceived racism. But it degenerated into nothing more than Dave with a Wolfman erection...Yes. I said it...Wolfman erection. (2 out of 10).

    Chappelle 50 million check: Absolutely pointless. Does Donnell Rawlings have anything else to his credit besides \"I\'m rich, b****\", or \"Ashy Larry\"? (0 out of 10).

    Minority news: Again, another possibily funny sketch that turned out completely stupid and pointless. The ripping off of Jimmy Kimmel\'s news soundbite bit shows how low the humor has gotten (2 out of 10)

    Show Business: Well, IT\'S ABOUT TIME! A sketch that was actually funny and reminiscent of what Dave is truly about. Kudos to Susan Sarandon for her strange, but effective cameo. The Lil Jon spot seems dated now, but it still got over. Obviously, the Cribs and the T-Rex humor was on point. The best part of this sketch was the sweatshop, and Dave calling this \"Baller\", and that \"baller\". Too bad this is the end of an era. If they built from this sketch, then maybe this trash heap of a season could have been salvaged. Oh well. (8 out of 10).

    Overall, another unfunny, silly effort that got bailed out by one truly funny sketch. Same deal as the 1st episode.
  • Excellent episode, once again racially charged themes and Chappelle Chappelle Chappelle at his best. Though im getting a little bored about hearing about his $50,000,000.

    Once again no Dave hosting, i am missing his witty input, he usually has better input as he usually wrote it!

    We need Dave\'s opinions, and where has \"ask a black dude gone\"?

    The first skit ran on too long. Keep them short and sweet.

    The going to meet show business part was not bad; MTV Cribs skit is what I have been waiting for. This skit is much longer than in the trailer. Not too sure if cutting the head off the dinosaur was necessary and drinking the blood though.

    Each episode is getting more abstract.

    Ahh well untill the next one

    Favourite \"quotes\":

    \"That is not a joke, that is ball hair, that’s course.\"

    \"whoo wee that smell wild\"