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  • the greatest sketch show ever!

    Chappelle's Show is not only the greatest sketch show of all time, but on of the best television shows to come around in the last 20 years. Dave brings his sharp and observational sense of humour to create some of the funniest and most quotable moments in television history. not to mention really memorable characters, even if those characters were people playing themselves. from Rick James, to Prince, Charlie Murphy, the entire player haters ball, Wayne Brady and of course Tyrone Biggums to name a few, in two short seasons Dave and crew did more quality work than most current shows do over 6-7 seasons worth.

    i also have a ton of respect for the man himself. kudos to Dave Chappelle for leaving when he wasn't comfortable and refusing to sell his soul for even fifty million dollars. it really shows his integrity and proves not all entertainers need to be famous to entertain.
  • Purpose:Funny

    Daves show was never meant to be informative or proggressive. it was meant to be funny. Yes modernly we have grown, we now have a black president. yes the show is rascist. its not meant to be taken seriously, it pokes fun os people. but if you have ever seen an interview with Dave, he explains his opinions and observation as well as any talk show host. And unlike all thses other new sketch shows(pretend time) Dave ponders the irony and what ifs of the 1995-2005 urban culture. Im glad when Dave realized that we need to move forward, but i still love his show, because we can still reminise on the old ways. And because im not a humor oblivios prick who takes everything over seriously and tries to enjoy things and shows that are actually funny, i can end up laughing along with my fellow american who have been ther done that.
  • Im rick james b!tch!!!!!

    This show was amazing I wish it was still on tv. It had great sketches and every episode is great but my favorite episode is the one with rick james. The show didn't run for that long it was only on for two seasons, there was also a third season but its only four episodes. Dave chappelle is missed, since his show ended in 2006 he hasn't done anything on tv but he's done stand up. I really wish he could go back to comedy central but that's sadly not going to happen. . . . . . . .
  • Greatest Sketch Show Ever Made!

    In my opinion this is the best sketch comedy show ever made. From episode one the humor broke ground like nothing that had been on TV before. Unfortunately Dave Chappelle left the show due to pressures from the crew and he didn't want the fame he was getting. He also believed in Season 3 (Which Only Three Episodes Were Completed) That the racial humor was being took to far. Regardless there is still two seasons to enjoy and if you haven't seen it yet, you will see why so many people still love this show. It still plays on Comedy Central from time to time, which is understandable since it was their most successful show other then South Park
  • This an many other "comedy" sows do not deliver.

    Like many other "Comedy" shows the comedian of course lists several jokes to the audience many involving pop culture of certain types in a humorous matter whatever the topic may be. However today's society likes for the most part in general jokes that have to deal with our society in a way. This show is nothing but silly racism which is old and dried humor. I find this show a waste of time really. If you are Black, then you should not find the show interesting because the comedian is successful and Black, I mean this show is just stereotypical and it is really that cheap humor. It just sucks in my opinion like Mencia and comedy altogether that is stand up nowadays.
  • Funniest stand up comedian has even funnier show

    One of the best stand up comedians, Dave Chappelle gets his very own show. The show consists of very hilarious skits usually having to do with race and racism. His comedic style and a couple of Charlie Murphy's stories make for a great show. I used to watch this show every week it was on, with memorable quotes such as " I'm Rick James B****." After six years off the air this is still one of my favorite shows to watch, and always will be. hopefully one of these days we will see the very talented Dave Chappelle back on television.
  • a show that was a huge and hit and could of been so much more

    the chappelle show a huge it when it came out and became the number one selling tv show box set over taking the simpsons. and tv ratings ski high. i know this becasue i watched the show every time it came on and would always laugh alot. season one was really i think really funny season two was really funny also but things came to a crashing halt dave chappel left the show and it came to a end. he just got up and left to a another place out side the united states. and i said it could of been so much more becasuse the show was already huge and it could of been bigger if dave did not end show.
  • So funny you'd cry.

    Man, this show is freaking hilarious. Nearly every time I watch it, I laugh. It has some dirty humor, but man, it is funny. Chappelle is hilarious and I think that it all ended too soon. He had some funny bits and some funny sketches as well. His impersonations of Prince and Fonsworth Bentley was absolutely gut-busting. I couldn't help but laugh my head off. I also thought that the show had some decent guest stars and it really was fun to see them enjoy their time on the show. I wish it wasn't canceled but I think re-runs are good. Thank you.
  • Array

    i love this show so much.chappelle you are so funny and your show is off da chain. when i first saw it i was crackin up to da fullest. i love your show so much i can't explain.i have all of you episodes and i watch them every day. when i watch your show it makes my day better and keeps me from feeling down and out. your show is really hot and amazin there is know other way to break it down. when you made this show you really brought it back big time. your show was a big hit it dont matter who comes out your show is hot and we all know that it cant get better than that. i look up to you so much. the only thing i have to say is bring it back so more and this time rip it harder. will i have to go finish watchin your show and catchin up on what i missed dave chappelle. will i have to finish what i do best. actin crazy,talkin on the phone,bein silly and the last of them all out of sight. will i love this show and i thing you know that. as most people say that is not true and just a lie ill be back will bye-bye now.
  • Im Rick James!

    Chappelle's show is one my most favorite skit comedy shows out there. Chappelle's show has mad me laugh hundreds and hundreds of times. My favorite skits are. The Rick James skit, This is the skit that got me into the show. I can remember when I was younger I would always go around saying "Im Rick James." The Lil John Skits, these skits are classic. I always laughed when one of these skits came on. The racial draft, This is probably one the best skits of the whole series in general. Those were a few of my favorite skits. I would be here all day if I had to explain my favorite skits.
  • One of the best shows on the tv!

    This is one of the best shows that I have ever **** seen. Every time that I see it on I watch it. I dont know who would not want to watch the episode were it has the part called When Keeping It Real Goes Bad or the episode were he acts like a monster taking over the town. I wish that they would BRING IT BACK! ! ! ! !because they only made 2 **** seasons and the lost episodes and because I watched it every time that it was on.It is very funny and very exciting so I give it a A+
  • A hilarious sketch show which can be offensive and crude...but still funny.

    Chapelle Show is a sketch comedy program starring comedian, Dave Chapelle. The episodes involve situations (at many times with stereotypical black people) in various scenes. Many of the pieces and jokes can be considered crude, and offensive but I actually found this show to be very funny.
    The show sometimes portrays political figures, and celebrities along with pop culture references to create this hilarious program.
    If you've never watched Chapelle Show before and are planning to, be sure to keep an open mind and remember that it's all jokes, so laugh. And as they say in the show "Better not bring your kids!"
  • A black comedy skit show based on racism , current times , and anything else

    Chappelle show is one of those shows that appeals to a large demographic not just to a specific group . It intertwines pop culture , racism , news , and anything else to bring a lighter side to anything . The funny man Dave Chappelle shows of his genius by writing/performing all of these different comedy skits without losing a beat in his ingenuity , grace, and his wit . Anyone can enjoy this show without being offended much and watch it years to come , it's one of those shows that won't lose its comedic taste years to come .
  • Chappelle's Show" takes comedian Dave Chappelle's own personal joke book and brings it to life

    Chappelle's Show" takes comedian Dave Chappelle's own personal joke book and brings it to life, with episodes consisting of sketches, man-on-the-street pieces, and pop culture parodies introduced by Dave in a stand-up format in front of a studio audience. Chappelle's unique point-of-view on the world provides a hilarious, defiant and sometimes dangerous look at American culture, including music, movies, television, advertising, current events, and everyday life situations. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Sketch comedy that is borderline offensive but downright hilarious!

    Dave Chappelle kills it with this show! He is just so funny and he isn't afraid to say anything, and that is why we love him! He does anything from having singing STD's to a gay KKK member, and you have to love the player haters! If you're looking for something smart then this isnt the show for you! It is 100% entertaining though, and always delivers up the luaghs! He is a great stand up comedian and brings that to the show over and over. You never see the same thing twice, and if you see the same person more than once (Lil John, Rick James) its done in a whole new way to make you laugh even harder! Best sketch comedy show hands down!
  • A modern and influential sketch comedy show.

    Dave Chappelle is a funny guy. Because of this, Chappelle's Show works. The basic premise of the show had Chappelle taking on numerous, usually racially charged, topics and stereotypes. At times the show can be a bit uneven - bits that may have been funny are not, and can even be a bit overbearing. That being said, the show works on many levels, and more often than not I found myself laughing at the comedy, while at the same time looking at the questions being presented. Chappelle walks a fine line between comedy and social commentary. For the most part, the presentation remains even, which is a remarkable achievement given the material. It's hard to discount the influence this show has had on other sketch comedies, specifically shows such as Mind of Mencia. The show also gave birth and influenced popular culture - I don't think I need to repeat any of the famous lines here. That said, I'm glad that the show ended when it did, because it was becoming apparent that the well of ideas was beginning to dry up. Overall, this is an above-average show that has remains popular, despite the fact that some of the material is now a bit dated, and the show can be slightly uncomfortable to watch.
  • Funny

    This was one of those shows every once and a while there is a good show or two but they end up Getting taken of the schedule .
    But this show is undescribable Just amazing lost episodes sucked just for the fact dave wasen't hosting, the acting is very good on his and the cast's part every episode they had was just gold(Racial Draft,rick james) i just can't believe its not on anymore i guess i have to depend on shows like reno 911 or mind of mencia or South park but still good on dvds.

    The point im getting at is T.V is getting dull and dumb lately
  • its as it sounds chappelle that make sketes about raise relaited problems and stuff. but the musik sucks i hate rapp.

    you laft my head off its so funny makes fun of evrey aspect of the ameriken life. he makes fun off how the black are so sensitiv about raisism that they creatit them self. i love his sketse about the internet. about porn its so funny. his episods about Eddie Murphys brother and som other pop star how they fight and how he calld him the darkness and dragd his muddy feet in Eddie Murphy white soffa so they beat his legs brocken. i teast loving it so much.

    You have to see it sad that the took it of the air.
  • Nice comedy!

    Dave Chapelle is one of the funniest men alive. He's no George Carlin or Richard Pryor but they've had years to show their genius. Chapelle makes racist jokes but no group is exempt, everyone is a target, so for white people claiming he is racist he takes a lot of shots at black people too. This show is hilarious, It reminds me of Richard Pryor's short lived show, he manages to slip little things under the radar, and he is unapologetic about it, which makes it better. Charlie Murphy has proven that he is the funny Murphy, he's capitalizing on what Eddie once was, I see Charlie becoming just as famous if not more than his brother, Eddie edge has plummeted in the last couple years. Keep this show on Comedy Central.
  • Sketch comedy at it's best

    Dave Chappelle is one of the most talented comics alive ever. It's no wonder that this show is one of the best sketch comedy shows ever. As good as SNL at it's best. The suporting cast is strong especially Charlie Murphy. His True Hollywood Stories were one of the high points of season two.

    I applaud Mr. Chappelle's decision to walk away from the show, despite the insane amount of money Comedy Central was willing to spend. This shows amazing character and conviction.

    If you didn't catch it on the air, get your hands on the DVDs ASAP. They definately worth the rental or purchase price.
  • This show is about Dave Chappelle and the rest of the cast acting out numerous comedic sketches.

    I absolutely looooove this show because it keeps me in stitches. To me, there is never a dull moment in this show. Some people think this show is bad but I like it. Dave Chappelle is A REALLY funny guy. He is genius when it comes to comedy. I just wish he would have never left the show. Dave did wonders for this show and he brought it to life. Charlie Murphy was also instrumental to making this show the hit what it is. I will forever call this a favorite of mine. I never missed an episode. The memorable sketches are Charlie Murphy's E! True Hollywood Stories and his story about Prince. Dave really played the role of Prince to perfection. Right down to his "Zorro" outfit. I also liked when he and Wayne Brady did that one sketch together. It showed Wayne Brady in a whole different light that what people see. Dave did an EXCELLENT job on that sketch alone. I really hope we will see others like this. But none would ever compare to this show.
  • one of the funniest shows ive ever seen.

    this is the show that brought dave chapelle to fame. Its no suprise why, because theres nothing funnier on tv than chapelles show. Its one of those things that you just have to watch. It loves to make fun of a number of things, including: celebrities, tv, news channels, and...white people. Its laugh out loud jokes every second. I give this 9.5 instead of ten because there are a few jokes that are ok, but not really funny. If a show is all about comedy, and some things arent that funny, youve got to take some points off. Nevertheless, this show is amazingly funny, and if you havent seen in yet, do you live in a box? seriously, who hasn't seen this show. If you are one of those people, you better watch the show, or else your life will never be complete. 9.5 out of ten. Thats not peanuts.
  • The absolute funniest thing that ever has been or ever will be on t.v.

    Chapelle's show was at it's peak, the funniest show on television. The skits, from Charlie Murphy's true hollywood stories, to player haters, was very funny and got funnier as the show progressed. He was fearless about the comedy that was being performed and it can through with perfect timing and charisma. The way that the show was perect was the way Chapelle seemed to deliver another unforgetable character or sketch each week and it was dead in with the humor as well. Laughing about racism and thinking about what you were just laughing about is a unique charm that will be missed. Why not a ten? The way Chapelle exited. It left me feeling empty about the show.
  • now this is one funny dude.........along with charlie murphy, donnell rawlings, and neil brennan. i love this show to death, and i wish dave would re-light the creative fire, and get back to work on this classic project. sketch comedy at its best.

    by now everyone has seen the chappelles show.........including my dad, and he even laughed! chappelle is a comic genius, bottom line. some of my favorite sketches are: blackzilla(hilarious every time), both r- kelly songs(piss on you and the remix), charlie murphys true hollywood stories:prince, samuel jacksons lager, oprahs baby daddy, tyrone biggums(any sketch), hell, really they are all good, and a guaranteed laugh. its too bad dave has some problems, or we would have seen a season 3. all in all i dont see how anyone could not laugh at this show, as it would take the most humorless person in the world to not at least chuckle at mr. dave chappelle. hes a genius.
  • Dave Chappelle changed history, and our lives forever. His show will be missed.

    With a humor in the style of Lenny Bruce, Paul Mooney, and the late great Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle transcends. Finding himself in the spotlight of a global audience, Dave uses not only wit and cynicism to say for us, in the word of Bernie Mack “what we’re scared to say.” Dave gave us the opportunity not only to laugh at others, but also to laugh at ourselves. To be faced with the worlds only black white supremacist caused a shutter in all of us that reached many a level, not only in its joke form, but also in its social form. Who could forget when we were introduced to an all American family, with an all American name. The **** family allowed for a joke within a joke, though still practically a slap in the face of every African American over 30; he turned it around and placed every stereotype on them. “I knew better then to get between a **** and his pork.” It was this gift that caused us to watch weekly and even now long for the shows return. Though the third season was a disappointment, it’s primarily due to its inability to fulfill its name. What was Chappelle Show without Mr. Chappelle himself? I myself tried to understand why Charlie Murphy thought him and Donnell Rawlings (a.k.a. Ashy Larry) and that their lack of star power, could keep the show going. The lead up, just as in stand-up is 50% of the joke, yet their sophomoric attempts left much to be desired. We Miss You Dave, Come on Home!
  • what a a show

    This series is one of my favorite. "im rick james ***** show me them *******" is one of my favorite frazes that david chappelle has came up with. if i would rate this show i would give it a 9.5 because there is some crude humor that some viewers wouldnt like.
  • Chappelle's Show has to be Comedy Central's biggest show since South Park!

    Chappelle's Show is one of the funniest sketch comedy shows on TV. The show is hosted by comedian and actor Dave Chappelle (obviously). I always found Dave to be a funny comedian, especially after seeing his film Half Baked.

    Dave was definitely worthy of his own show. He's funny, edgy, controversial and just sheer brilliant. His sketches are hilarious. In fact, I can't think of one sketch that I did not laugh at. That's just how funny this show was.

    Unfortunately, Chappelle's Show has ended. But what really pisses me off is that they replace Chappelle with Carlos Mencia, who is not the least bit funny, talented or entertaining.
  • I Just Cant get Enough! With a capital "E"

    This show is always funny to me. I've always loved this show and many of their skits is funny to the core. in fact there are so many skits I Seriously love, like...

    The Reparations for slavery
    Rick James
    Wayne Brady
    Opreh Winfrey
    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
    The Monsters
    The Mad Real World
    The Trials
    The Pixies
    The Time Haters
    The internet in the real world
    And 1
    The Diahrhea song
    The Tupac shakur song
    and many more but i can't find out right now. but seriously I love this show a lot it's even way better than mind of mencia... ok a bit better than mind of mencia. Dave Chappelle Rules!
  • l;xfjgjhg

    Chappelle's show is the **** its so funny Dave Chappelle keep it up man

    I think dave chappelle make some more seasons ur so funny, keep makin episodes my favourite episode is rick james episode thats hilarious im rick james b!tch show me ur **** ahahahhahah and a moment of lil jon yahhh wutttt okkkkk hahahahhah like i said make some more seasons like come om Dave u only got 3 seasons and thats includin the lost episodes and it only has 3 episodes on there i love the song off there wrote this song a long time ago its awesome even know u dissin 2pac it still good and i wanna p.iss on you lol dissing r. kelly who don't u make fun of lol but u just doin ur thing keep it up dude

    Even HIs Movie Was Funny
  • when is dave going to stop acting crazy and just bring us back his show?

    im waiting for dave chapelle to stop acting mentally ill and just wake up and smell the real world. i think that whole racial thing was childish especially for using it to cancel the best comedic show out there. who hasnt delt with racisim. were all minorities so get over it and make people laugh already. thats what he was born to do, entertain. i didnt see chris rock stoping what he does best. its probably cause he doesnt pay any mind to it cause its basicaly playing into their hands. the fans want dave back because he helps them laugh with him and at thereselves. he lets us all have a sense of humor even when alot of people out there dont have good ones.
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