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  • The Best of Chappelle's Show: Volume 2 Mixtape
    A second best of installment of the Best of Chappelle's Show first season.
  • The Best of Chappelle's Show: Volume 1 Mixtape
    The funniest and most memorable moments from the first season of Chappelle's Show including: Rocka Pads Tampon Commercial Wu Tang Financial A commercial for a company called Wu Tang Financial with the Wu Tang Clan Black, White Supremacist A blind black man is racist towards black thinking he, himself, is whitemoreless
  • Ep. #112
    Episode 12
    Trading Spouses: Leonard (Chapelle) switches places with a white man's (Chappelle) household and for a month to deal with family, the bedroom and marriage counselors. O'Dweed's: Dave introduces a family-friendly brand of pot called O'Dweeds which is pot without the THC. Cool Sports Moves: Dave parodies moves that trick people in sports. Musical Guest: BlackStar (Talib Kweli and Mos Def)moreless
  • Ep. #111
    Episode 11
    Funkmaster Flex hires a guy to be a rapper (Dave). We get to see the guy rapping in a recording studio but all he does is say here we go and similar things to turn up the music.
    This Sketch includes Funkmaster Flex, Donnel Rowlings and Greer Barnes Country.
    Make a Wish:
    Dave visits a boy with cancer. The kid asks him to play Street Hoops for Playstation 2 with him. Dave plays him but just beats the kid 17 to 1 while during the game saying things like he's rich and telling the nurse to come in so he can have a witness beating the kids ass in Street Hoops. This sketch includes Aney Ringham and Nolan Tuffy.
    Crazy Camera:
    Dave buys a camera from a Chinese guy which has special powers. The special powers are: See the person you're taping ten years in the future, See the person your tapping's inner self, and tape the persons thoughts. Dave goes around town meeting some of his friends and Carson Daily and using the camera on them. At the end he uses it on himself. This sketch includes Sam Chan, Carson Daily, Josh Elrod, Jama Williamson, Maurice Jamal, Zu-Baydah, Randy Rowe, Donnel Rawlings, Bunny Levine and Derrick Williams

    Musical Performance: De La Soulmoreless
  • Ep. #110
    Episode 10
    History Channel: World's Greatest Wars: A Sketch about how the first gangs of New York came about over a guy stepping on another guys shoe.
    R Kelly (Piss on You): This is by far the standout sketch of the season in which Dave tries to prove that there evidence of R. Kelly's future sex scandals in his old videos. Dave shows two videos in which R Kelly (Dave) sings about peeing on girls faces and heads. Absolutely hilarious.
    Ask a black dude with Paul Mooney: "Paul Mooney answers questions about the of black guys' dicks, and why black guys shave their heads. Paul Mooney does another great job answering white guys' questions.
    Real Movies: Deep Impact: The real version of "Deep Impact" in which the president (Dave) tells all the secrets of the white house including: Cure of AIDS, Cloning, and Aliens.

    Musical Performance: GZAmoreless
  • Ep. #109
    Episode 9
    Dave Stars in His Own Video Game: Dave tells us what a big fan he is of video games and wonders what life would be like if it was a video game. The sketch goes on to a Grand Theft Auto view of Dave's world.
    Blackzilla: Blackzilla invades Tokyo, scaring all the people as this makes fun of the Japanese people in the Godzilla movies.
    Dave's Two Minute Special: A quick sketch in which Dave does a two minute special for HBO because they couldn't afford the other 58 minutes. The whole sketch is just one big two minute intro for the special then it ends.
    The Player Haters Ball: Truly the highlight of the first season, this hilarious sketch features a ton of guest stars (including Ice T) as the most ruthless haters in the world congregate for the Player Haters Ball. They snap and hate on each other until Silky Johnson is crowned biggest hater.

    Musical Guest: The Rootsmoreless
  • Ep. #108
    Episode 8
    Real Movie Versions: The real versions of “Ghost” And Dave’s own movie “Half Baked.”
    Frontline: Racist Hollywood Animal Stars: Frontline investigates racism in Hollywood stars such as Flipper, Rin Tin Tin, and Mr. Ed in this hilarious skecth.
    Tyrone Biggums' Intervention: Tyrone Biggums' friends think his addiction has gone to far, and host an intervention to help end it.
    What Men Want: Dave imagines what the movie "What Women Want" would be like if two letters were removed from the title.

    Musical Performance: Slum Villagemoreless
  • Ep. #107
    Episode 7
    Great Moments in Hook-up History: A guy named Bobby(Chappelle) tries to hookup with a girl named Gina, but first he has to get through her friends.
    Real Movies - The Matrix: The whole first call from Morphius scene but it ends up just being another worker named Earl who needs a stapler.
    Wu Tang Financial: A commercial for a company called Wu Tang Financial with the Wu Tang Clan. Another satire on hip hop culture invading other industries.
    Real Movies - Pretty Woman: In which instead of the guy falling in love with the girl he tells her to get the fuck out of here
    Ask a Black Dude w/ Paul Mooney: Paul Mooney answers questions from various street personalities.
    Channel 3 News: This is a hilarious sketch that focuses on sex scandals with Jedi nights and an interview with Yoda, Mace Windu and Jarth Mader. A definite must see sketch.

    Musical Performance: Killer Mike performs "Akshon (Yeah!)"moreless
  • Ep. #106
    Episode 6
    Third World Girls Gone Wild: An infomercial spoofing the Girls Gone Wild videos and replacing hot girls with women from the third world.

    The Dave Chappelle Story: This sketch spoofs Antwone Fisher, which tells the story of Dave Chappelle and how he was born and came to be.

    Ask a Gay Guy: This is a short sketch in which a few people get to ask a gay guy some funny questions, followed by a witty and flaming responses by Mario Cantone.

    The Mad Real World: The show ends with one of the funniest sketches of the first season: 'The Mad Real World' where a house full of balck people and one white person gets real.

    Musician David Broom performs.moreless
  • Ep. #105
    Episode 5
    Rocka Pads Tampon commercial featuring Damon Dash (head of Roc-A-Fella Records) .... basically poking fun of how hip hop has extended its scope from music to a number of mainstream industries such as vodka, clothing and of course, tampons ;)

    Redman Potty Fresh A commercial for toilet cleaner featuring Redman from The Def Squad. Another play on the hip hop phenomenon.

    Great Moments in Hook-up History Martin Johnson(Chappelle) is desperate for some ass because he has been on and 8 week losing streak with the ladies. Ashly Evans comes along and he sees his chance since she's drunk as hell.

    Ask a Black Dude with Paul Mooney Paul Mooney answers a few questions from various street personalities.

    Inside Chappelle's Show Studio A guy interviews Dave Chappelle on his own show talking about movies Dave has been in. They show clips of each movie they talk about.

    Musical Performance: Fat Joe performs "Crush Tonight" with Tony Sunshine.moreless
  • Ep. #104
    Episode 4
    Reperations 2003: Black people finally get reparations money for slavery and the world turns upside down. Tron becomes the worlds richest man, along with stock rising in fried chicken and KFC merging with Fubu. Note - this is the first time we hear Donnell Rawlings yell, "I'M RICH BIATCH!"
    New York Boobs: Dave hosts a show in which he walks around Times Square giving ribbons to women with great New York boobs.

    Musical Performance: Busta Rhymesmoreless
  • Ep. #103
    Episode 3
    QVC: Dave shows us exactly how low class the QVC shopping network is. In this parody, the QVC offer a bunch of disgusting products sold by even more disgusting TV personalities.
    Roots: Outtakes from a fictitious DVD of the movie Roots.
    It's A Wonderful Chest: A woman wants to have smaller breasts but then comes along an "Angel"(Dave) who shows her why its good to have big breasts.

    Musical Performance: Talib Kwelimoreless
  • Ep. #102
    Episode 2
    Pretty Whirl Girl: This sketch is about when Dave gets this pretty white girl to sing his thoughts, as he claims that nobody wants to hear himself say them.
    Tyrone Bigguns: This is the first episode in which Dave breaks out his now infamous 'Tyrone Bigguns' crackhead character as Tyrone visits an elementary school in order to keep kids off drugs.
    Dave's Educated Guess Line: Dave having his own psychic hotline and predicts stuff based on stereotypes (a satire on Ms. Cleo).
    Wrap it Up: In this hilarious sketch people who get tired of another person pull out a box that says Wrap it Up.moreless
  • Ep. #101
    Episode 1
    Mitsubishi Jab The show comes out swinging with a jab at that annoying pop-lockin' girl in the Mitsubishi ads. A look-alike is in the car with Chappelle. As she dances in the seat, Chappelle makes terrible faces, clearly annoyed at her dancing style.
    Popcopy Chappelle plays the manager in a Popcopy (clearly a Kinko's) store training tape. Featuring cameos by his Half Baked co-star Guillermo Diaz as well as Michael Rapaport, the tape shows Popcopy's employees how to behave and essentially piss off the customers. Anyone who has ever been in one of these massive chain copystores can relate.
    Nat's Hollywood Christmas Nat King Cole's rep is besmirched when Chappelle stands up for hip-hop's objectification of women.
    Home Stenographer In this skit, you can order a home stenographer, an actual person to transcribe what exactly was said in conversations there is also a travel stanographer that is mentioned at the end of skit.
    Black KKK In this very long sketch, Chappelle plays a blind white supremacist by the name of Clayton Bigsby. Clayton gets interviewed, thinking he is white based on what his foster caretakers have told him, and the world finds out the truth about this African-bashing, African-American author.moreless