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  • Season 1
    • Fight! One Shot!
      Fight! One Shot!
      Episode 12
      A rising sense of precaution starts to surround Hoden-chan, meanwhile Plug and Aresta decide not to be seen by Sento. Aresta tries to restore Sento back to normal, but regardless of how many times she tries, she always seems to fail. Plug on the other hand, has replaced a new employee on tracking down a Z-target, but as usual things start to make a turn for the worse...moreless
    • Watch Out! Discharger Girl!
      According to Hoden-chan, the captain of the Juden Division 2 section said that there has been a surge of energy. Everyone in the division is quickly dispatched out. However, Hoden-chan has a secret ability to alter energy...and will Plug be able to perform her job without getting emotionally involved with her targets?moreless
    • Present!?
      Episode 10
      With Christmas coming around, Juden and her company have been especially busy, as the number increases exponentially around this season. However, this season there seems to be an over abundance of these targets. Meanwhile, Juden uncovers the plan by the Roden pair to steal all the life force and energy from people...moreless
    • Leakage Girls!
      Leakage Girls!
      Episode 9
      Plug is fully recovered and has been overzealously trying to work overtime to make up for her absence at work, which catches the attention of their superior. While waiting in their superior's office they meet the ultra-beautiful and super elite Roden-chan. Introductions and formalities can wait as there's a huge power leakage that Juden and Aresta must attend well as protect Sento?!moreless
    • Craziness and Kindness
      After spending time being hospitalized, Plug finally returns back to work, opting out of rehab. Plug, desperate to return back to work, still can't fully move her arms and is ordered by the section manager to follow through with her rehab under Aresta's watch. Just as she begins rehab, a new target appears, but before Plug can rush off Aresta stops her...moreless
    • Maid in Arresta
      Maid in Arresta
      Episode 7
      A bug with the new model suits became apparent when searching for the juden target causing injury onto Plug's arms. Aresta takes time off of work to make sure she's okay. With Plug hospitalized and to keep her from boredom, Aresta dresses up in a maid outfit to distract her. However one things leads to another....moreless
    • Countercurrent
      Episode 6
      Neodymium Company, part of Juden-chan's division, took a hit from the latest accident. This time, however, the target has changed, becoming Kajihara Kentaro - a countercurrent target - who received the designation of a Z-target meaning that he could possibly be the perfect target they're looking for. Unaware of this development, Plug and her team start to investigate on their own...moreless
    • Happening
      Episode 5
      Summer's finally here! Sento, Iono and Hakone head to the beach! But why is Plug and Alester joining them? Just as the two get into their bikinis, they locate another prime charging target....but will this spoil their vacation at the sea?
    • Iono Crisis
      Iono Crisis
      Episode 4
      Hakone's friend Iono comes to see Sendo, however he becomes extremely cautious. Iono came to express her love for Sendo, disregarding her other ongoing relationship with someone at her school, causing a chaos to breakout. Hearing this situation from Sendo, Hakone goes to confront Iono to explain why her brother acted the way he did...moreless
    • Lock On
      Lock On
      Episode 3
      Aresta reports to the section manager about Plug's inability to pass the test, resulting in a reduction of her pay as punishment. Furthermore, she decides to add a supervisor to monitor her activity as soon as she heads back home to relax. As Aresta tries to go stealth, things get all mixed up as usual...eventually Plug gets scolded again...moreless
    • Timing
      Episode 2
    • Plug In
      Plug In
      Episode 1
      On the way to find the main charging target, Juden chan, or better known as "Plug," met a college student named Sendo. She explains that her job is to give people energy when they feel as if they have none. Sendo's younger sister, Hakone, apparently is scouted to be the main charging target. Dismissing Plug's explanation as nonsense, Sendo argued that he couldn't believe her whole back story. However he will be changing his mind after things start to transpire...moreless