Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 13

A Fish Called Buddy

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1989 on
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Charles(Scott Baio)has been let down by Buddy(Willie Aames) again when he forgets to pick up Adam(Alexander Polinsky)for the Dentist, they have a huge argument which practically ends their friendship, but when Buddy has a terrible accident that puts him in a coma, Charles quickly rushes to his side, he has a dream that Buddy and him are older, and Charles is on trial for killing Jamie's husband, and Buddy is the presiding judge, and when he forgets to give him an acquittal, he then kills Buddy by accident, he then wakes up and Buddy wakes up from his coma and forgets the argument they had.moreless

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      • Walter: Lillian, Lillian your loose again?
        Lillian: That's a lie, I was never loose just friendly

      • Lillian: Keep you hand off my wrap? It's mink you know, it's a gift from the late Steven Spielberg
        Charles: No, No Steven Spielberg's dead?
        Lillian: No, just late

      • Adam: Hold it, don't drink that soda, it's full of sugar, you don't want to go to prison with cavities do you

      • Jamie: After you destroyed my other relationships Professor Flack was the only man I could get and you beat him to death with a fly swatter

      • Charles: If I'm a college professor? What am I still working for you?
        Walter: Who else would hire a teacher/babysitter/murderer

      • Charles: Hey, I finally got facial hair?

      • Walter: Well, you finally woke up, it's about time
        Charles: Mr. Powell, what-whay happened to you?, you look terrible
        Walter: I think I look pretty good considering most people my age are dead (laughs, wheezes)

      • Sarah: Charles, Buddy's had an accident
        Charles: Ah, Oh, maybe I should just rush to his side and makeup with him, huh, Sarah
        Jamie: Charles, Charles, did Sarah tell you Buddy's in a coma
        Charles: Last I heard he was unconscious
        Adam: Charles, Charles did they tell you, Buddy's dead?
        Charles: That's a short of stillness on record

      • Walter: Lembeck, you trusted that idiot Buddy Lembeck
        Charles: Yes, Sir, we'll you see the thing is that Professor Flack asked me to stay after class to help him correct papers, well Buddy volunteered to take Adam to the dentist, I mean my only other choice was to murder Professor Flack
        Walter: That might've been better

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