Charles in Charge

Season 2 Episode 8

A Fox in the Henhouse

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1987 on
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The latest challenge to Charles' (Scott Baio) vivid imagination is a visit by an old shipmate of the absent Commander Powell. Since the good Commander is far away, serving in the Western Pacific for another six months, Lieutenant Matty Whiteford (Stephen Parr) comes to keep Ellen Powell (Sandra Kerns) and the kids company for a weekend. Unfortunately, company isn't all he tries to keep, and Charles doesn't like it. Charles confides to Walter (James Callahan), who being an old seadog doesn't understand Charles' suspicions since a Naval officer is always honorable, etc. But when Charles and Walter are hospitalized overnight with a case of food poisoning brought on by tasting contaminated clams, Matty moves in. His campaign to capture Ellen Powell's affection is first subtlety slowed by the three kids and then abruptly terminated by Ellen's own left hook. Charles, Walter and Buddy (Willie Aames) arrive moments later to support Ellen's edict that the frustrated Lothario take his leave immediately.moreless

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    • Walter: You feeling alright?
      Ellen: Oh, sure, Matty's an operator but he's not Jack the Ripper, first he got familiar, and then he got aggressive, then he got slugged.
      Buddy: Oh, I've had nights like that.

    • Ellen: Well, don't you think you should read upstairs?
      Sarah: Well, I guess if Oscar Wilde can come out of the closet so can I.

    • Charles: Buddy, remember that guy you met earlier today, Lt. Whitford?
      Buddy: Oh, yeah, nice guy tall, good looking, warm smile.
      Charles: He's trying to seduce Mrs. Powell.
      Buddy: Cruel mouthed, beady little pig eyes.

    • Walter: You bite your tongue, I've known that boy for years, he's decent and honorable what else could he be he's navy.
      Charles: Sir, we're not dealing with John Paul Jones we're dealing with Long John Silver.

    • Charles: You're going to do it aren't you? You're going to let your daughter-in-law spend the night with Sinbad the sex maniac.

    • Jamie: This is scary, they sound like wounded backup singers.

    • Ellen: Are you alright?
      Charles: Hello, Mrs. Powell? Excuse me I've gotta die now.
      Ellen: Charles, what is it?
      Charles: Have you seen the movie "Alien"?

    • Walter: What do you think? Fantastic! No, stupendous, colossal!
      Charles: I was thinking of a four letter word.
      Walter: You mean good.

    • Ellen: Fiji Stew! I thought Charles was making gourmet seafood supreme.
      Walter: Well, we combined our ingredients that's the great thing about Fiji stew, you can throw in anything with fins, claws or flippers.
      Charles: Yeah, it's sort of like swimming the English Channel with your mouth open.

    • Matt: Last time I saw you, you were in diapers.
      Jamie: No, that must've been my sister Sarah.

    • Ellen: Adam, what are you doing in the fireplace?
      Adam: Waiting for Santa.

    • Walter: I bring you good news. Anyone tell you we're having Matty Whitford for dinner?
      Buddy: No, I thought we were having fish.

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