Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 12

Accidental Puppy

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1984 on
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Charles, Buddy, and Gwendolyn have just returned from two days camping out in line for tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert. They feel that it was a worthy life experience spending the night with fifteen thousand people sleeping with their heads on the curb, but it did not get them tickets to the concert. They still would give a lot to get tickets —— but how? Charles is still occupied with his problem when Jason and Douglas come in the back door carrying the dog. They blame each other for ‘killing' the dog. All the while, the dog is very much alive, and both boys want Charles' permission to keep it. Charles agrees that they may-- just long enough until the rightful owner has been found. In the meantime, Jill and Stan have to go to a wedding, Charles has to make decisions on how to sort dirty laundry, and what to do with the two Bruce Springsteen tickets he just won by phoning alocal radio station. Buddy and Gwendolyn are making it very difficult for Charles to decide who is to go with him to the rock concert. Finally, Charles convinces the two boys that they cannot keep something that may be very dear to someone else -- they return the dog to the owner and get a $20 reward. And Lila gets to go to the Bruce Springsteen concert with Charles.moreless

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  • Trying to get coveted tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert is only one problem Charles has to deal with when Jason and Douglas bring home a stray dog.

    Gwendolyn, Charles and Buddy are all huge Springsteen fans and have spent the night camped out along with thousands of others attempting to get tickets. Alas, they are unsuccessful and keep trying to come up with ways to acquire them. Meanwhile, Jason and Douglas bring home a stray dog which they desperately want to keep but Charles insists that they try to find the owner.

    Charles is ecstatic when he wins two tickets to the Springsteen concert during a phone-in but problems arise when both Buddy and Gwendolyn assume that they will be the person accompanying Charles to the concert. Poor Charles has no idea how to decide.

    Unfortunately for the boys, the stray dog is claimed and they are given a reward but they are sad that the puppy has to leave the house. Finally, Charles, having had enough of Buddy and Gwendolyn assuming they will be going to the concert with him decides to take Lila along instead!moreless

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    • Charles: Hey, Gwendolyn, do you realize this is the first time we spent the whole night together?
      Gwendolyn: Yeah, what an intimate evening. You, me, and 15,000 other people sleeping with their head on a curb.
      Buddy: It's the most girls I've spent the night with.

    • Douglas: I'm taking him to our room.
      Jason: I'm taking him, I'm the one who killed him.

    • Stan: Charles, how can you let the boys bring a dog into the house? You know they'll get attached.
      Charles: Sir, the dog was dead when the boys brought him home.

    • (Buddy trying to buy his ticket to the concert)
      Buddy: Just a little something that says nobody is closer to you than I am.
      Charles: Gum, Buddy?
      Buddy: Sugarless gum, Charles, I care about your teeth.

    • Charles: You look very nice, Lila?
      Lila: Sure, my skin is dry from washing, my eyes are swollen from crying, my nose is red from blowing and I'm a raving beauty.

    • Stan: Charles, would you make sure that Jason and Douglas clean out the driveway, it's a mess.
      Charles: Oh, I'm afraid they've discovered the joy of dirt bombs.
      Stan: See, if they can discover the joy of sweeping.

    • Charles: Where's Jason?
      Douglas: Out walking the dog.
      Charles: The dog is right here.
      Douglas: O.k., he's practicing to walk the dog, I told him he couldn't really do it until he knew he could do it right.

    • Charles: You can't keep something that belongs to someone else. How would you like it, Douglas, if you were lost at the mall and somebody took you to their house and gave you a new name?
      Douglas: Do they have a pool?

    • Charles: Here Skipper, come on.
      Douglas: Skipper? That's a generic dog name, any dog will come to Skipper.

    • Charles: With your permission.
      Stan: Yes, Charles?
      Charles: I'd like to take Lila to the concert, without the makeup.
      Stan: Well, that would be very nice.
      Charles: Thank you both.
      Jill: Damn, I thought we had those tickets.

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