Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 10

Advice and Contempt

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1990 on
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Walter(James Callahan)is concerned about Jamie(Nicole Eggert)spending too much time with Cliff Randall(Byrne Offutt) he gets Charles(Scott Baio)to get Jamie to call it off, or spend less time together, when Cliff overhears Charles talking about Jamie and Cliff seeing other people, he immediately goes to he and tells her that he wants to see other people when he quotes something that Charles said she thinks that he told him to break up with her, when Charles said that he didn't meet Cliff, Jamie calls him a liar, and then he refuses to talk to Jamie no more. Jamie then tells Walter if Charles stays then she'll run away, Sarah(Josie Davis)says if Charles goes then she goes, it's up to Adam(Alexander Polinsky to have the deciding vote decide Charles's fate, the girls each try to buy Adam's vote by bribing him, Adam says that he can't be bought and that he'll need more time to think it over, Charles goes and finds Cliff and he admits to Jamie that he overheard Charles, Jamie then breaks up with Cliff and agrees to let Charles stay after all.moreless

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    Josie Davis

    Josie Davis

    Sara Powell (1987-1990)

    Scott Baio

    Scott Baio


    Ellen Travolta

    Ellen Travolta

    Lillian (1987-1990)

    Willie Aames

    Willie Aames

    Buddy Lembeck

    James Callahan

    James Callahan

    Walter Powell (1987-1990)

    Sandra Kerns

    Sandra Kerns

    Ellen Powell (1987-1990)

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      • Jamie: (talking on the phone) Marcie, do you know anyone who cooks, cleans, is good with kids, cares a lot about people and is willing to take a lot of heat, No, I can't hire Charles, he's the one I'm trying to replace.

      • Charles: Murder, kill and Charles
        Buddy: Yeah? and if I were you I wouldn't start reading any long books
        Charles: Buddy, if I were you I'd give up detective work and take a job as a speed bump.

      • Charles: Oh, Buddy, my life is becoming that stuff you find between your toes?
        Buddy: Peanuts?
        Charles: Yeah, Peanuts?

      • Adam: What makes you think I've been following you?
        Charles: Because you've been every place I've been for the past three hours, and what's more you've been taking notes, what for?
        Adam: Why am I taking notes?
        Charles: Yeah?
        Adam: Well, I had to write down everywhere I've been so I'll know how to get home.

      • Adam: Hey, grandpa you wanna watch the game with me?
        Walter: Not now Adam your sisters are threatening to leave home
        Adam: Gee, and it's not even my birthday.

      • Sarah: Hi, guess what? Charles helped me retouch my term paper and I got an A.
        Jamie: See, he's wrecking Sarah's life too.

      • Sarah: Jamie, the important thing is to do what's best for both you and Cliff? Your reputation doesn't matter
        Jamie: Right? And beauty is only skin deep?

      • Jamie: See, Charles why do you need me for your teaching experiment? You already have the "Prince of Dorkness".
        Charles: Hey, come on now just cut Buddy some slack here okay, he's not a literate okay, he just happens to be half a bubble off.

      • Jamie: Where going someplace this afternoon.
        Buddy: You and Charles?
        Jamie: No, me and Cliff.
        Charles: Cliff and I?
        Buddy: You are, can I go with you?

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