Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 3

Another Saturday Night

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1984 on
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Episode Summary

Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke are spending the evening out and Charles is baby-sitting. He is busy preparing for Gwendolyn's visit, with whom he plans to study. Buddy shows up unexpectedly and wants to go to The Lamplight with him to look at girls. After all that is what guys should be doing on a Saturday night.. Gwendolyn is enraged when she finds out that Charles occasionally hangs out there with his friends. Buddy and she argue heatedly and it just makes matters worse. Meanwhile the children —— Lila, Jason, and Douglas —— are also home on a Saturday night. They are watching special election results, which unfortunately do not turn out as expected, and Michael Jackson's appearance at the victory party is cancelled. When Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke come home, they help calm things down a bit. Charles realizes that Gwendolyn is very sensitive and not perfect after all, and Buddy is also a special friend who makes the college years fun!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, the Pembroke children are waiting for election results that will determine whether they will be seeing a victory party on television starring Michael Jackson, but several times it is mentioned that the activity is taking place on a Saturday night, and most elections for political office are held on Tuesdays.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Gwendolyn: Buddy!
      Buddy: Yes!
      Gwendolyn: When I said that you were something out of "Animal House", how did you feel about that?
      Buddy: Oh, I took it as a compliment.

    • (doorbell rings, Buddy opens door and sees Gwendolyn)
      Buddy: Charles, it's your mother.

    • Jill: Let's go.
      Stan: Where?
      Jill: Up.
      Stan: What for?
      Jill: Television.
      Stan: What's on?
      Jill: We are.
      Stan: I love that show.

    • Lila: I go first!
      Jason: I go first!
      Lila: I go first! Or I'll grow my nails long and come to your room some night and claw your eyes out.
      Jason: She goes first.

    • Charles: Since I've come to school here, I found two very good friends.
      Stan: Well, we appreciate that Charles.
      Jill: Buddy and Gwendolyn.
      Stan: We appreciate that too.

    • Gwendolyn: Buddy requires the night and the opportunity to seek out women, just like Jack the Ripper.
      Buddy: I don't think this girl wants to marry me Charles?

    • Gwendolyn: I guess I never thought of you as the lamplight type?
      Buddy: But you would think of me as the lamplight type.
      Gwendolyn: I would think of you as the mayor of the lamplight.

    • Buddy: I happen to know in the Gwendolyn Pierce handbook she never sees anyone again.
      Charles: Well, we happen to enjoy each others company.
      Buddy: How do I get a job with your company?

    • Charles: Why don't you take comfort in some referendums?
      Douglas: Thanks you, Charles, I'm specially interested in what they're doing about the aliens.
      Charles: Douglas, that means immigrants.

    • Lila: I got the popcorn!
      Jason: I got the butter!
      Douglas: I got the mayonnaise.
      Charles: Wait a minute who puts mayonnaise on popcorn?
      Douglas: I'm not having popcorn

    • Charles: I don't need every Saturday night off when the Pembroke's deserve to go out once in a while okay?
      Buddy: No! He's married? He can fail miserably in his own home.

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