Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 3

Another Saturday Night

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1984 on

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  • Charles is going to spend his Saturday night combining a study session with Gwendolyn and taking care of the children.

    Charles and Gwendolyn have planned a Saturday night study session at the Pembroke house as Charles has to watch the children while Stan and Jill spend the evening out.

    The kids are quite bored and end up watching a special election coverage on the television, looking forward to seeing Michael Jackson on screen later in the evening. Meanwhile, Buddy arrives and wants Charles to go with him to The Lamplight, a place of rather seedy reputation, so that they can both look at girls! (of course!). When Gwendolyn hears about this she is outraged and an argument ensues. To top it all off, the special election coverage shows results that don't go the way everybody expected and, to make matters worse, Michael Jackson's appearance is cancelled.

    It takes the arrival home of Stan and Jill to calm everyone down and restore order but it also gives Charles a chance to see a few people and things in a different light.

    Not a good episode and certainly not much to laugh at, but a bad episode in this series is rare so I'm not complaining. Scott Baio is always excellent as Charles, regardless of the scripts etc. and he doesn't disappoint in this one either.
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