Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 3

Another Saturday Night

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1984 on



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, the Pembroke children are waiting for election results that will determine whether they will be seeing a victory party on television starring Michael Jackson, but several times it is mentioned that the activity is taking place on a Saturday night, and most elections for political office are held on Tuesdays.

  • Quotes

    • Gwendolyn: Buddy!
      Buddy: Yes!
      Gwendolyn: When I said that you were something out of "Animal House", how did you feel about that?
      Buddy: Oh, I took it as a compliment.

    • (doorbell rings, Buddy opens door and sees Gwendolyn)
      Buddy: Charles, it's your mother.

    • Jill: Let's go.
      Stan: Where?
      Jill: Up.
      Stan: What for?
      Jill: Television.
      Stan: What's on?
      Jill: We are.
      Stan: I love that show.

    • Lila: I go first!
      Jason: I go first!
      Lila: I go first! Or I'll grow my nails long and come to your room some night and claw your eyes out.
      Jason: She goes first.

    • Charles: Since I've come to school here, I found two very good friends.
      Stan: Well, we appreciate that Charles.
      Jill: Buddy and Gwendolyn.
      Stan: We appreciate that too.

    • Gwendolyn: Buddy requires the night and the opportunity to seek out women, just like Jack the Ripper.
      Buddy: I don't think this girl wants to marry me Charles?

    • Gwendolyn: I guess I never thought of you as the lamplight type?
      Buddy: But you would think of me as the lamplight type.
      Gwendolyn: I would think of you as the mayor of the lamplight.

    • Buddy: I happen to know in the Gwendolyn Pierce handbook she never sees anyone again.
      Charles: Well, we happen to enjoy each others company.
      Buddy: How do I get a job with your company?

    • Charles: Why don't you take comfort in some referendums?
      Douglas: Thanks you, Charles, I'm specially interested in what they're doing about the aliens.
      Charles: Douglas, that means immigrants.

    • Lila: I got the popcorn!
      Jason: I got the butter!
      Douglas: I got the mayonnaise.
      Charles: Wait a minute who puts mayonnaise on popcorn?
      Douglas: I'm not having popcorn

    • Charles: I don't need every Saturday night off when the Pembroke's deserve to go out once in a while okay?
      Buddy: No! He's married? He can fail miserably in his own home.

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