Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 21

Aunt Vanessa

Aired Unknown Aug 12, 1989 on
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Jamie is determined to move to New York and live with Charles' Aunt Vanessa unless Charles can talk her into staying at home. When Jamie is offered the chance to finish high school at the Professional Performers School' in New York City, Walter agrees to give his permission if she finds a mature, adult female to live with her. Soon after, Charles' Aunt Vanessa from New York City arrives for a visit. Vanessa and Jamie discover they enjoy each others company, so Jamie asks Vanessa to be her guardian in order to finish high school in New York. Aunt Vanessa immediately volunteers . Walter, being a man of honor, has to agree to let Jamie go, but gives Charles the task of changing Jamie's mind since his aunt made it possible. While Jamie is busy packing for her move to New York, Charles tries in vain to persuade his aunt to reneg on her promise to take Jamie to New York. When that fails he parades her friends in front of her, telling her how much she'll miss them, her new boyfriend, being head cheerleader, and attending all the parties and dances. The effort proves successful when Jamie discovers she's not ready to leave as quickly as Aunt Vanessa. She decides to postpone the trip to New York for a couple of years. Written by Pete 1moreless

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      • Charles: Alright Buddy, I'll take over until my Aunt Vanessa gets here
        Buddy: Oh, Charles she was here and I told her you wanted her to take back her invitation to Jamie, she said she couldn't do that and then she suggested I marry her ex-husband Fernando

      • Walter: Your Aunt Vanessa is responsible for Jamie leaving town? I suggest you talk to her right now, oh and that's not a suggestion that's an order
        Charles: Robert Redford would never talk to me like that?
        Walter: I would too?

      • Vanessa: I believe in living everyday of my life
        Jamie: Me too?
        Vanessa: You do? What a coincidence so do I, we have a lot in common except I'm better dressed

      • Vanessa: Here dear boy some sparkling water from those underground springs of Toulouse, be a dear and uncork it
        Charles: Oh, that shouldn't be too hard if it's "too loose"

      • Buddy: Charles, you could put your thoughts in someone else's mouth, you could make a fortune as a ventriloquist, all you need now is a tuxedo and a dummy
        Charles: No, all I need now is a tuxedo

      • Sarah: Jamie's planning something with Kimberly Ross the school flake, I think you better straighten her out
        Charles: Straighten Jamie out? That could take years

      • Charles: Buddy, please, please I can't, I can't go out and play okay I have to study for finals

      • Kimberly: Jamie, your a grown woman? If you wanna leave home and finish high school in New York do it, it's none of Charles's business
        Jamie: He thinks my life is his business

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