Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 8

Baby Bummer

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1990 on



  • Trivia

    • In TV Guide's acutual listing, it says "Adam Goes Out On A Date". Rumor has it that he actually went over to his friend's house.

  • Quotes

    • Adam: I learned my lesson, I'll never take the easy way out again, from now on I wanna be like you and do everything the hard way.

    • Adam: Buddy, this is Mrs. Smith?
      Buddy: I don't have time to meet anyone now Adam.
      Adam: Mrs. Smith is Hillary's mother?
      Buddy: And what a lovely mother she is?

    • Charles: I want you to do me a big favor okay? I want you to call your mommy?
      Hillary: Okay? Mommy?

    • Charles: Listen, Hillary, I have to find somebody to take care of you so I can go get ready for the prom, now let's see who do I call?
      Hillary: Ghostbusters!

    • Walter: Charles, my grandson is turning into a Lembeck?

    • Jamie: I have a date with the most popular guy in school and not a thing to wear.
      Adam: Look at the bright side Jamie, if you don't wear a thing he'll probably want a second date.

    • Walter: Oh, Lembeck are you still here?
      Buddy: I was just leaving Mr. Powell, May I make you happy before I go?
      Walter: No, my happines will come after you go.

    • Adam: I have a date with Sherri Carter tonight, and I really rather go out Rachel Lewis, so what do I do?
      Charles: Oh, this is good he's asking Buddy for romantic advice

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