Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 23

Bad Boy

Aired Unknown Aug 22, 1989 on
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Charles(Scott Baio) becomes the tutor of an ex-con named Danny Holland(Rodney Eastman), Walter(James Callahan) doesn't want him anywhere near Sarah(Josie Davis), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)and Jamie(Nicole Eggert). Buddy(Willie Aames)smells something fishy about Danny and stops at nothing to catch him, Danny is reluctant to go back to high school to get his diploma, he'll do it for a date with Jamie, whom agrees, but calls off the date when Danny tells her they are taking the bus to the dance, to prevent from being embarrassed, she agrees. Danny tells Charles that being around him has made him a better person, he tells Jamie that he'll see her in high school next year.moreless

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      • Buddy: Oh, Hi, Charles I'm writing a song, you know a word that rhymes with baby?
        Charles: Maybe
        Buddy: Well, give it some thought and if you come up with one could you let me know

      • Charles: Your too smart to be a small time thief, with a little work you can become a...
        Danny: A big time thief?
        Charles: Hey, there you go, Why settle for County Jail when you can make it all the way to San Quentin?

      • Buddy: Oh, Charles, you forgot to tell Mr. Powell about the boys police record
        Walter: Police record
        Adam: Hi?
        Charles: Hey, Adam? How was your day? Huh?
        Adam: Why? Did you hear something?

      • Danny: Six months ago I would've hot wired a limo, stolen a hundred bucks and taken her to the dance in style
        Jamie: Why didn't you?

      • Charles: Little things, Sir, they got him on a 459
        Buddy: That's vandalism
        Charles: And on a 594
        Buddy: That's breaking and entering
        Charles: He broke into a convenience store
        Buddy: That's a 711

      • Walter: Charles, you mean to say that this boy has been in jail?
        Adam: No! No! not me I just forgot to hand in my homework there were no cops involved

      • Buddy: Listen, Charles, do you wanna hang out tonight?
        Charles: Oh, I can't I-uh, I got a 16 year old student coming over here that I have to tutor, so to prepare him for High School
        Buddy: Charles, if he's 16 and he's in Junior High School he's too dumb to be tutored

      • Buddy: It's okay Charles, he's clean?
        Walter: Not anymore you touched him

      • Walter: Alright you can bring the boy over, but keep him away from my grandchildren and make sure he stays in your room I'd be less inclined to fire you if he only steals your stuff.

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