Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 24

Big Bang

Aired Unknown Aug 22, 1989 on
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Charles (Scott Baio) has to write a paper about his childhood, so he asks his mother Lillian (Ellen Travolta) for some mementos when he was a baby, by looking at them she begins to cry when she realizes that he's not her little boy anymore, while working Buddy (Willie Aames) asks Charles if he could set up his science project in the kitchen, Sarah (Josie Davis) feels guilty about giving her favorite doll, so Charles is determined to get it back for her, Jamie(Nicole Eggert)has a date with Richard Travis (Blake Boyd) who is in the same chemistry class as Buddy and Charles, Richard is more interested in getting to know Jamie rather than talk. When Buddy's project blows up literally the whole kitchen is a mess, Charles's paper was caught in the middle, he has to write all over again he then realizes he'll write about the Powell children because he watched them grow up.moreless

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    Josie Davis

    Josie Davis

    Sara Powell (1987-1990)

    Scott Baio

    Scott Baio


    Ellen Travolta

    Ellen Travolta

    Lillian (1987-1990)

    Willie Aames

    Willie Aames

    Buddy Lembeck

    James Callahan

    James Callahan

    Walter Powell (1987-1990)

    Sandra Kerns

    Sandra Kerns

    Ellen Powell (1987-1990)

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      • Walter: What happened here?
        Buddy: Some idiot did a chemistry experiment in the kitchen and it exploded
        Walter: Who was it?
        Buddy: How many idiots do you know?
        Walter: Just one.
        Buddy: Well, that should narrow it down.

      • Buddy: Why don't you base your essay on my childhood?
        Charles: I can't, Professor Krick doesn't like science fiction.

      • Buddy: You wore metal shoes and metal underwear, you must've looked like R2D2.

      • Buddy: Charles! Charles! I have to talk to you? Oh, Hi, Aunt Lillian.
        Lillian: (crying) Life is too short.
        Buddy: Well, so am I but I don't go around crying about it.

      • Charles: I can do this, I will do this, Nothing will stand in the way of my success.
        Walter: Charles, What are planning to do tonight?
        Charles: Fail.

      • Charles: Buddy, you okay?
        Buddy: Mommy?
        Charles: No, Buddy it's me, it's me Charles.
        Buddy: Oh, yeah Charles, I'm okay? but that's because I'm a professional don't you kids try this at home.

      • Buddy: (laughs) Whoa! It lives, It lives, I've actually harnessed the very forces of nature, my creation lives (evil laughter).

      • Charles: I can't leave Jamie alone with Rick.
        Buddy: They won't be alone Charles I'm here.
        Charles: Alright Buddy I'm putting you in charge, Wow, I can't believe I just said that.

      • Buddy: Charles! Charles! I really need your help, the chemistry lab is closed can I do my experiment here?
        Charles: Why here Buddy you have a dorm room do it there?
        Buddy: I can't they passed a law against me ever having chemicals or livestock in my room again.

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