Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 26

Charles Be DeMille

Aired Unknown Jul 30, 1990 on
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Charles (Scott Baio) is waiting for a letter from Princeton, but is has not arrived yet, Sarah (Josie Davis) is frustrated that she can't go on her field trip to Boston, so she announces that she's putting on a Variety Show to raise money to send her and her classmates on her trip and that she wants Charles to direct it, Buddy (Willie Aames) offers to find the talent for the show, Charles will do his ventriloquist routine, Lillian (Ellen Travolta) and Walter (James Callahan) will perform a vaudeville song that has to do with the "Yesterday Cafe", Adam (Alexander Polinsky) will do a magic routine with Sarah and Jamie (Nicole Eggert) as his lovely assistants, Adam tells Charles that a phone call regarding Princeton, he then goes back to the house and learns that a certain Professor will be a Copeland College for one night, he then tells Sarah that he can't direct the play and Buddy takes the turn at the wheel and goes to the interview. Professor Haskins (Bryan Clark) tells Charles that the test that he will take is rather easy, but it takes an emotional commitment to be a part of Princeton, he then leaves and goes back to direct the show. Sarah is touched that he gave up the interview for the show and Charles said that there will be other interviews and the show starts and it goes off without a hitch and Charles runs into Professor Haskins and he sees an emotional commitment he made with the show and graciously accepts him to Princeton and that it was Jamie who called him and they say their goodbyes on the stage.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Executive producer Al Burton is standing on the sidelines of the stage during the variety show - you can see part of the "Charles in Charge" crew jacket he is wearing!

      • They could've at least brought back Sandra Kerns(Ellen)for the final episode, throughout the 4th season they only showed her once, and in the 5th season they showed her twice.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Jamie: Hey, I'm really impressed, Charles is a really good ventriloquist?
        Sarah: Jamie, that's Buddy up there, did you really think he was a dummy?
        Jamie: Do you really think he isn't?

      • Lillian: Oh, wow, this is really exciting, it's like an old Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney movie.
        Buddy: Yeah, maybe we can rent a barn and put on a cow?
        Walter: Better yet Lembeck, why don't you rent a padded cell, and put on a straight jacket.

      • Jamie: You know I think maybe you could be Adam's lovely assistant tonight, I'll just work in the ticket booth.
        Sarah: Why?
        Jamie: To give people their money back when they walk out.

      • Sarah: It's not the end of the world Adam?
        Buddy: The show will go on Adam, I'm gonna direct this show?
        Sarah: I lied? It is the end of the world.

      • Adam: Well, that's too bad Sarah, see I was going to let you be my lovely assistant and wear a beautiful costume.
        Jamie: You want Sarah to be your lovely assistant? Well, what am I the elephant man?
        Adam: I don't know why don't you take off your mask and we'll find out.

      • Buddy: They're throwing a fund raising variety show and your invited?
        Charles: But, I don't wanna go to a fund raising variety show, I wanna go to Princeton.

      • Lillian: Charles, your losing your buttons?
        Charles: Why wouldn't I Mom, why wouldn't I, the mailman is late again and this clock is covering for him.

      • Charles: You're a clock your supposed to tell me what time it is, I'm not supposed to tell you.

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