Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 18

Charles 'R' Us

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1985 on
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No matter how hard Charles and Buddy try, between them they do not have enough cash to even think about going out on dates. There has to be a way for them to make some extra spending money. Buddy's idea of finding household helpers and training them, then placing them for a small fee may be the answer to their cash shortage. What if they could offer somebody with the Good Charleskeeping Seal of Approval? Who would be better suited to find other Charleses than Charles himself? Buddy and Charles set up appointments with prospects from their college, and Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke give them permission to hold the interviews at the house. After some exhausting screening of a number of prospects, they decide on Megan Harker. They even give her the ‘torture test', which she passes. Charles can honestly recommend her to the Wilson's for the live-in helper's job. After he offers Megan his congratulations, he tells Buddy that Megan will be the only graduate from Charles ‘R' Us school. No amount of money could pay them for the ‘torture test' they had to pass. Buddy gets the honor to walk Megan over to the Wilson house where she receives their approval as well.moreless

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  • Charles and Buddy desperately need money for dates but have no idea how to raise some until Buddy comes up with the idea of training other "Charles's" to do the same kind of work that Charles does for the Pembrokes.moreless

    Charles and Buddy are very low on cash and cannot afford to go on any dates. In a desperate attempt to rectify this pitiful state of affairs, Buddy comes up with the concept of creating "Charles' 'R' Us', whereby he and Charles will interview and train prospective applicants to be placed with the families who require their own personal 'Charles'.

    The idea seems brilliant but the reality is anything but. The interviewees are, to say the least, NOT the type whom anybody would want living in their house taking care of their children, with one exception, Meaghan Parker (a returning role for Meg Ryan) who comes along, passes the initial interview and then, with the assistance of the Pembroke children, goes through a pre-arranged 'torture test' to see if she can cope. Thankfully, Meaghan succeeds and Charles is more than happy to recommend her to the Wilsons but that is where it ends because the whole thing has proved so exhausting that 'Charles' 'R' Us' is closed down permanently.moreless
Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

Megan Harper

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Peter Parros

Peter Parros

Eddie Dootabuta

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Nick Segal

Nick Segal

George Franklin

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    • Megan: You look like a man with something to say to me, could that be true?
      Charles: Congratulations, Megan, your our first "Charles".

    • Lila: It's not like I wasn't going to pay you back or anything, unless of course you thought I looked so cool in these glasses that you were willing to donate 19 dollars to have a cool sister.
      Douglas: Get cool on your own money.

    • (Douglas thinks Jason stole his money)
      Douglas: Spreading a little bit of honey in your underwear is not worth 19 dollars, hand it over, thief.

    • Buddy: Charles R' Us guarantees each applicant a fair chance, it's in our company charter.
      Charles: We don't have a company charter?
      Buddy: We do now! Now ask her the question.

    • Charles: I never expected this kind of response, that must've been some sign you put up in the student union.
      Buddy: Yep, clear and to the point
      Charles: What'd it day?
      Buddy: Get fed, own bed, good bread, call Fred.

    • Jill: The torture test?
      Charles: Yes, 20 minutes of unrelenting agony, administered by my torture weapons.
      Jill: Your torture weapons?
      Charles: Yes, Jason, Lila and Douglas.

    • Charles: You came here in a Porsche?
      Gwendolyn: And I'm having a wonderful time.

    • Buddy: Charles, this is a priority.
      Charles: Why?
      Buddy: Because we only have $8.12 to our name!

    • Buddy: Would you go on a imaginative date with me?
      Gwendolyn: No
      Buddy: Why not?
      Gwendolyn: I don't trust your imagination.

    • Buddy: Cheer up Charles, at least we can look on the bright side.
      Charles: What's the bright side of broke, Buddy?
      Buddy: We have no dates to be broke in front of.

    • (Charles interviews a hopeful live in helper)
      Charles: Ok, you have a record?
      Man: The charges against were reduced to a misdemeanor, it was my partner that had the gun.

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