Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 14

Curing the Common Cult

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1989 on
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Episode Summary

Jamie(Nicole Eggert)comes home from Tennis Camp with a completely new attitude which confuses Sara(Josie Davis)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)even Walter(James Callahan), when Charles(Scott Baio)and Buddy(Willie Aames)discover that Jamie has been recruited by a cult leader named Abba-Khan(Charles Nelson Reilly)Charles has a really difficult time believing it, he sets out to prove that Abba-Khan is a fraud who is only in it for the money, but Jamie refuses to listen to him, so Charles sets up a seance for the cult members, Buddy then transforms into "Crouton", they believe him, they then follow him around everywhere to get answers from "Crouton". When Abba reveals his true colors by admitting that it is a fraud and offers Charles and Buddy 20% of the take, he then leaves and Jamie overheard everything, the family is just thrilled to have the old Jamie back.moreless

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    • Sarah: This isn't a joke Adam? We've got to do this for Jamie?
      Adam: What has Jamie ever done for me?
      Charles: Do you wanna spend the rest of your life hearing how much she loves you?
      Adam: No?

    • Abba-Khan: Oh, Charles, do not be frightened my son? All I want to do is love you?
      Charles: You try it and I'll punch out the light that flows through your wonderous being

    • Buddy: If you order white whine with fish? And red whine with beef? What do you order if your just having doughnuts?
      Abba-Khan: Are you a follower of light?
      Buddy: Oh, yeah, tastes great and it's less filling

    • Abba-Khan: White is the absense of color yet, it is the color of light, think on the meaning of this my children
      Charles: Doesn't mean anything?
      Buddy: Sure it does Charles, he's saying you should order white whine with fish and poultry

    • Jamie: I'm going to sell my clothes and give the money to the poor
      Walter: Jamie, if you do that we'll have to buy you new clothes, then we'll be poor

    • Buddy: I got elected school flake once
      Walter: Yeah, well it was certainly an honor you would have upped to

    • Buddy: What's the matter with him?
      Charles: He thought you were Jamie
      Buddy: Oh, well I guess at his age your eyesight is the second thing to go

    • (doorbell rings)
      Walter: She's here, she's here, there's my little granddaughter, come in sweetheart
      Buddy: Thanks, Honey
      Walter: Oh, Lembeck
      Buddy: I think we just had a moment
      Walter: Yes, it's a moment I'll forget for the rest of my life

    • Charles: Hey, guys Jamie's coming back? Bet your pretty excited? Huh?
      Adam: Would you like us to say yes, or would you like us to tell the truth

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