Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1984 on
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Stan Pembroke comes home expecting Jill to be dressed and ready to go to the Vice Presidents reception but the Pembroke home has suddenly turned into ‘Little Crisis Central.' Lila and Douglas brought home grades from school that they are not very happy about. Even Charles and Buddy are grumbling about too much homework and too much pressure. Jill feels that she cannot just walk out of the house and leave the children without at least talking about their individual problems, but Stan maintains that he has confidence in Charles --Charles has his trust and he will resolve the problems, whatever they are! That is why Charles and Douglas have to go to Doug's school and Charles has to face the boy's teacher. A stunned Charles meets an absolutely gorgeous and fashionably dressed young woman —- Ms. Susan McCoy. It turns out that she is also very knowledgeable. And during their meeting the other Pembroke children drop in, they are able to benefit from the valuable lesson the teacher is giving them. Ms. McCoy tells them that teachers are mostly trying to teach students discipline —- and how it helps them later in life! They all realize at the end of their meeting that it was a rewarding afternoon.moreless

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  • It's not really a happy time for the Pembroke children or for Charles and Buddy but Charles has to pay a visit to Douglas's teacher as Stan and Jill are unable due to a prior engagement.moreless

    Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke are supposed to be attending an important social engagement but all three children and even Charles and Buddy are grumpy and moody because of various problems at school and too much homework. Jill is not keen to leave without helping everyone with their individual problems but Stan is adamant that Charles is more than capable of taking responsibility for everything.

    Part of this responsibility is paying a visit to Douglas's teacher after Douglas comes home with grades that make both him and his parents unhappy. Charles is less than keen to go and speak to the teacher but he does so and is surprised to find an attractive young woman rather than the ogre he was expecting.

    The teacher explains why Douglas was given a bad mark and as the other Pembroke children come into the classroom and overhear the discussion, they learn about the importance of discipline and the difficult job faced by teachers trying to do their best. At the end, Charles has learned a thing or two as well so it wasn't a wasted trip after all.

    A so-so episode which could have done with a much stronger script.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The book the teacher has Charles and Douglas read is called "Walden" by Thoreau. Walden is the name of the lake that the author decided to live on for a time exiled from the modern world.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Douglas: Where's your perfect place Charles?
      Charles: I don't think I have one Douglas, you see it would have to have love and romance and action, adventure and lots of basketball.
      Douglas: I know where you can find all that stuff?
      Charles: In one place?
      Douglas: Sure, I happen to be an expert on it.
      Charles: Where? (Douglas hands Charles a book) TV Guide.

    • Stan: Douglas? Dougie? Your teacher gave you an "F"?
      Douglas: Uh-huh.
      Stan: The same teacher who's already given you 437 A's gave you an "F"? Ah, Douglas, no one's perfect, forgive her.

    • Douglas: Sign this.
      Charles: "Douglas and I went to school to battle the old crone."

    • Charles: Jason, your problem's gonna have to wait until I get home okay? Right now I'm in the middle of Douglas' problem.
      Jason: That's favoritism.
      Charles: No, it isn't. He failed first.

    • Charles: What was the assignment?
      Douglas: We were supposed to pick a piece of literature that's had a major influence on America and to report on it.
      Charles: And you picked one?
      Douglas: Yes!
      Charles: And you reported on it?
      Douglas: Yes!
      Charles: What book did you pick?
      Douglas: TV Guide.
      Charles: And you only got an "F"?

    • Jill: We have a little—
      Stan: I know what we have here, we have a little crisis, I know that because I live here at little crisis central.

    • Jill: Why are you furious with yourself?
      Lila: Cause you know what they're good at, you know what's going to be in now? Field hockey and I'm to Field hockey what Douglas is to sanity.

    • Charles: It's his first failing grade, and he's taking it very hard.
      Douglas: Why shouldn't I? She gives me a couple more, I'll be looking for jobs on the back of matchbook covers, I'll be learning how to draw Winky.

    • Douglas: Ohhhhh!
      Jill: Douglas, don't play with your lips, honey.

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