Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 6

Duelling Presleys

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1989 on
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Duelling Presleys
Lillian(Ellen Travolta)hires and Elvis impersonator(Peter Willcox), who is supposed to sing at the diner, Walter offers for him to stay in Charles room, but when he starts to sing to Buddy(Willie Aames), he then regrets it, when he starts talking like a human being Charles(Scott Baio)learns he only became Elvis to forget about a lost love, who then later says that he's not gonna be Elvis anymore, this causes trouble for his mother, Stephanie(Erika Eleniak)says that she is through with Charles if she brings up Elvis again. Lillian shows up to get Elvis but she's shocked to see that Buddy has replaced him, so what's a woman to do, she does the performance herself.moreless

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      • Lillian: There's only two hours till show time, I have to have an authentic Elvis up on that stage.
        Charles: Uh, mama, Uh, mom, unfortunately Buddy and I are the only two choices you have.
        Lillian: Your wrong Charles, I only have one choice I'm gonna go bankrupt, lose my business and end up a bag lady.

      • Charles: This place is gonna be jammed with people expecting to see Elvis and the guy's not showing up.
        Buddy: Charles, relax, he'll show up Elvis Presley is a pro.
        Charles: The late Elvis Presley is a pro.
        Buddy: Okay, so he's late, better late than never.

      • Charles: Adam, What are you doing?
        Adam: I'm in the Elvis souvenir business, I can sell these pictures to my friends for a bundle.
        Charles: That's not the real Elvis.
        Adam: Doesn't matter he's in show business and my friends are stupid.

      • Charles: I'm crazy about her, I date her a lot.
        Buddy: Yeah, maybe so but your afraid to be alone with her.
        Charles: That's ridiculous, I was alone with her two nights ago.
        Buddy: What, at the game, there were 40,000 other people there.
        Charles: Hey, I didn't invite them.

      • Walter: I'm Walter Powell, you'll be staying in Charles room, do whatever you like, just don't do it from the waist down.
        Elvis: Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh-huh.
        Walter: I'm glad we understand each other.

      • Jamie: Charles, are you finally off the phone, I'm expecting a call.
        Charles: Jamie, I was on the phone for two minutes, two minutes is all a woman needs to lay enough guilt on a man to last him the rest of his life.
        Jamie: I can do it in one minute.

      • Walter: Hello, Lillian, Charles, Anthony, Daffy.

      • Lillian: Good morning Charles, I have solved my problem.
        Charles: Yes, you're sending Anthony to Military School.

      • Buddy: Charles, what's the deal I thought you liked Stephanie?
        Charles: Well, I do I love Stephanie.
        Buddy: Well, then why don't you show her you love her.
        Charles: My eggs are burned.
        Buddy: That's the oldest line in the book.

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